Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blog Intentions

I had the intention of blogging about stuff during the summer more often then I actually did. I promise. I even took pictures of the intended content. But after our 8:00 pm bedtime (for the boys), I just didn’t have to motivation to follow through. Instead I opened a book or turned on a show, like a mentioned here.

But, I still want to share a “cliff note” version of what I meant to blog and what we were doing these past couple of months.

Here goes (in ascending order):


Instead of getting a summer job and working for a boss, my seven year old decided to be his own boss and open up a Toy Store.  He even had an advertising department—his four year old brother. This was all his planning and doing! I was skeptical of him having any success, however he did quite well—thanks to kind neighbors and supportive friends.  By the end of the hour we were out there, he had earned $17!!


june 181june 189

We spent lots of time in the pool. By the end of the summer my four year old did not need floaties anymore, my two year old was not terrified of the water without clinging onto mommy, and I had about 300 more freckles.



Some of my sisters, that I have mentioned many a time, came to visit. It was wonderful shopping, laughing, doing crafts, eating, and laughing together.


june 295

My hubby played summer softball. One word: Hot—the temperature out there and seeing him move ;)


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When it was JUST TOO HOT to even go swimming, we enjoyed indoor air conditioning and making non-oven treats.


2011-07-01 001 2011-06-22 0102011-07-01 001 2011-06-22 005

On one of our escape from the heat and out of the house playtimes at McDonalds I had to—in this outfit…shoes and all—climb up into the playground tubes to fetch my terrified two year old. Those things are NOT meant for anyone over four feet tall, and definitely not meant for wedge heels—I realized that half way into cramming, and twisting myself through that *curse word* maze.  We didn’t return to that particular McD’s for the rest of the Summer.


2011-07-01 001 2011-06-29 006

To make quality use of our abundance of time in the house this summer, I started my older boys on some chores that went beyond cleaning their room.  Apparently this is what an inventive seven year old boy interprets when he is unloading the dishwasher and mommy says, “Just stack the dishes on the counter that you can’t reach to put away.” 

When I saw this I just started laughing. He asked, “What? You said stack.”



Legos. Legos. Legos.  There were many battles. The “bad” legos faced off to the “good” legos. It was intense. In the end there was lego carnage.


2011-08-02 001 2011-07-18 001002 (2)2011-08-02 001 2011-07-18 002

We had many visitors this summer as well. Darth Mall. Spiderman. Indiana Jones.



I took a last minute visit to California to see my Grandmother who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  All SIX my siblings worked it out to come across country or over seas to see her (some of us for the last time).  It was all arranged in less then one week and I am so grateful we were able to make it happen.



One day in the late Summer we had a cloudy afternoon. The boys took a moment to enjoy the break in the heat and watch the storm clouds roll in. The “storm” ended up being 7 rain drops. We were greatly disappointed.



We (and by that I mean ME) somehow survived the entire summer without making a single homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies. It may have had something to do with the fact that the thought of turning on a 350 degree oven when it pretty much felt that way outside was the last thing I wanted to do.  But, on our last night of summer vacation (and to “celebrate” going back to school) we (and by that I mean ME) baked some cookies.

The next morning it was….



(btw, those are not two thumbs down for school, he is just pointing out his super cool back pack.)

So long summer.

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