Saturday, October 1, 2011

Long time…

With regards to this blog, I am going to be like the friend that has been ignoring you, or maybe not ignoring you, but just hasn’t called or talked to you in a really long time and you were like thinking, “Did I do something wrong, Is she mad at me, What is going on?” and then one day she calls! And she picks up right where you left off as if she hasn’t talked to you in like forever but you totally understand and forgive her for dissing you for so long and you guys are like BFF’s again.

So, this is me calling, saying “Hay-ay! What’s up?” and let’s just pick things right back up, totally normal, totally not awkward. I hope.

Things have been crazy lately. Among other things—l like suddenly deciding to move, packing, moving, going to California, going to Maui, and putting my cell phone through the washing machine—I have been growing my hair out. I’m just getting straight to the important stuff here ;)


There is a television show that I love (not going say what it is, figure it out in your head if you like) that has a main girl character with gorgeous, long, dark, thick, all one length hair that she wears straight (sometimes curly in certain circumstances), and I want to be her. I mean I want her hair. Having two brooding, gorgeous guys in love with you would be cool too, but I’m happy with my one ;)

I’m just saying me deciding to grow my hair and me starting to watch that show coincide quite closely.  Growing out layers takes FOREVER by the way and I had to resist the need to chop. But I just gathered it into a ponytail and persevered.

I was also going to try to do the dark roots look (a.k.a Ombre), but after two days in California, I gave in and went for the Bleach Blonde.

Finally the moment of truth came. I actually blew straight my hair. It’s quite an endeavor, and I had not done it for over a year! I got to see just how long it has gotten and if the back layers were gone. I kept tapered layers along the face frame because I like it, and it so happens that is how that one show character has it.

But, my hair has not passed the “mermaid test”. Meaning—if I were a mermaid, and spent my time topless, or if my seashells were missing, I could simply pull my hair over my ta-ta’s and they would be hidden because my hair was long enough. 

In high school I passed the mermaid test. Twenty years later it is a bit more difficult to pass because certain parts are hanging lower :( 

I’d like to see what The Little Mermaid is doing about that…Ariel’s gotta be like 40 years old now!

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Melody's Voice said...

Your hair is getting very oolong and pretty!!! I am going ti do the ombre, but I am going to to it in stages. First I am gong to do color correction to get me hair back to my natural color and then later I will add in the ombre. It's too expensive to do all a once.

Jessica said...

I laughed so hard at the fact that the mermaid test is harder to pass now that gravity is kicking in -- ME TOO, sister!! :D
Have a great day, Jessica

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Looking beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow - your hair looks gorgeous! I wish I could trade my giant red masses for your sleek blonde tresses!
I'll try extra hard not to covet!
xoxo Ellyse

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