Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Valentine’s Dance

My husband I and enjoyed Valentine’s Day a little early this year. We celebrated it on Friday. Because:

1. We had a babysitter for that night (a.k.a. Grandparents).

2. There was an Adult Dance at our church. {I know for you dirty minded out there…or maybe that’s just only me…”adult” sounds risqué…but it was totally innocent…a little too innocent ;)}

day eleven outfit

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I was super excited to go to a dance with my forever sweetie. Any chance to get all decked out is always super exciting and fun for me! Total girly girl here.

But I was really happy to be able to slow dance with my lover boy. Aside from weddings, the last dance we attended together we were chaperones at for a youth dance. So we couldn’t really dance at that.  I guess I could have danced with the 17 year old that asked me, but I thought that would totally make my husband jealous, and be slightly inappropriate.

So really, really the last dance we attended was when we were both single at a church “Single’s Dance” just a week before we met. But, I never saw him there.  I totally remember the night though.


It was another typical Saturday night with the only thing to do was attend the “Single’s Dance.” I was approaching the age when those were getting really old…or should I say young?…because it seemed like every guy there was at least a few years younger then me.

I decided to go at last minute and didn’t get dolled up for it.  I remember that I wore my glasses (gasp) and pulled my hair back in a ponytail (gasp again!)  I thought to myself, “This is how I look 325 days out of the year, so if a guy can’t see my as is and think I’m cute, then he’s not the man for me.”

I arrived late and left early. I was probably there for only about an hour. No one was asking me to dance, and the bitterness was seeping in. Discouraged, I said (half jokingly) to my friend I came with, “My future husband isn’t here. Let’s go.” She laughed and said, “Yea, mine neither.” So, we left.

Months later, after my sweetie and I had been dating a while, he told me that he once saw me at a dance just a few weeks before we met.

“Was I wearing my glasses and had a ponytail?” I asked.

“Yes!” he replied. “I thought you looked so cute with that little ponytail.”

He explained that he saw me from afar and was waiting for the next slow song to play so he could ask me to dance. When the slow song played, he looked for “the cute blondie in the glasses and ponytail”, but she was gone.

The next Sunday, a blondie with short, curly hair brushed by him at church as she found a seat a few feet down on the pew he was seated at.  He leaned forward to catch a glimpse at her face. She was wearing glasses. Could she  be? He wondered.

She was :)

Outfit Particulars: Pink Sling back Pumps, Target; Black Jeggings, Kohl’s; Blouse, JC Penny.

{The What & Why about 30 for 30 Remix}

{See Melody’s #11}

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Kimberly said...

I have a seious question for you."How many pairs of shoes do you own?"

AND, My 'girly friends' were so HAPPY to hear I bought 'girly shoes' today. they have heels. I can not wear them while biking. therefore I am not as happy with my purchase as they are.
but I thought you might like to know about my girly purchase.

jack!e said...

LOVE the outfit...and the story! It made me smile! Hope your Valentine's Day was great! =]

Stacey said...

Newest Follower!
<3 your blog!
Stopping by from:

I hope you will follow me back :)

Melody's Voice said...

Awe cute story and a perfect outfit for Valentines Day! Your hair is soooo purdy!

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