Friday, February 18, 2011

Primary Printables (Manual 1, Lesson 7)

Lesson 7: “The Holy Ghost Helps Me,” Primary 1

Feeling Good/Feeling Bad Pictures:

I compiled these clipart pictures courtesy of Sugardoodle to go with the lesson’s #2 Enrichment Activity.

Ask the children how they feel whey they do good things or do bad things. Explain that the Holy Ghost helps us know the difference between right and wrong by giving us a good, warm feeling when we do something right and a sad feeling when we do something wrong. Show pictures of the different pictures and have them smile when the action is good and frown when the action is not good.
feeling bad

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Sarah said...

Thank you for your wonderful and creative ideas, and most of thank you for being kind enough to share them.

Amber said...

This is great! Thanks so much!

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