Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My 30 for 30 choices

For the next 30 days, if you will so indulge me, I am going to do the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge (learn about it here). This involves a number of things, specifically ONLY 30 articles of clothing, AND lots of outfit shots posted here (please no judging!) This isn’t about just wearing different outfits and showing them off. I have some goals I hope to reach as I take this challenge.
1. To not spend money on clothes for 30 days (major plus).
2. To feel good about myself as I get dressed everyday, and not just in yoga pants or “home comfy’s” (maybe I’ll even do my hair and makeup, too!)
3. To wear some pieces that often get passed over in my closet.
4. To truly incorporate my many accessory items that I don’t always make the effort to put on.
5. To see if I can learn some creativity in my outfit decisions.
Here’s the deal. I selected 30 items in my closet that I can only use to create outfits for the next 30 days.
30 for 30 001
Six pairs of shoes (which I am most nervous about)
30 for 30 004
Four cardigans (this mommy must have)
30 for 30 005
Five tops (probably not enough, but oh well)
30 for 30 006
Four button-ups (yes, that is the same shirt in two colors)
30 for 30 008
Five jeans (re-defining the “mommy-jean”)
30 for 30 009
Three skirts, One dress (for my Sunday best)
30 for 30 010
Two jackets (for my two personalities Classy vs. Sassy)
Being that I am an emotional and festive dresser in choosing my outfits, I selected many items that had that February Valentine-Lovin’ feelin’, like my pinks, reds, purples, ruffles and flowers.
Don’t expect anything too fancy, super stylish, or trendy. I am a simple mommy and I am going to stay true to myself.
Once I sectioned off my closet and hung up my selections, I realized just how limited it looked in comparison to the rest of my closet and I panicked just a bit.
But this will be fun. Right?
At least I will be doing less laundry.
* * *
{My sister Melody is doing it too. See her selections.}
{My blogging friend Marie is also doing it. See her selections.}
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Melody's Voice said...

I am glad you are doing it and thanks for the shout out! Good luck! And I love how you took V-Day into consideration!

Heather said...

Good luck! I'll check back to see how creative you get...remember my senior year of high school? I vowed to not wear the same outfit twice - I did it, but had to get creative and borrow heavily from my sisters and mom. We had quite the collection of shoes then too.

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