Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You make my insides melt

I made these cute molten lava cakes for my sweetie and I to enjoy in the evening after the boys were tucked in bed…a half hour earlier than normal ;)


I *LOVE* them. And, they are oh so decadently good!

You can use this recipe from Our Best Bites. Or, this one I posted a few weeks ago. (Yea, I really like these types of cake.)

The top fancy thing’s (I’ve totally forgotten the word for them), I decorated the individual cakes with are made with white chocolate.


Here are the simple steps to make them (still can’t remember the word.):

1. On a white piece of paper I drew/wrote the letters/words/shape I wanted to use.

2. I melted 2-3 squares of Vanilla flavored Almond Bark, according to package directions.

3. Carefully, I poured the melted chocolate into that pastry squeezer thingy (my mind is not working today). I selected the finest/smallest tip I had.

4. I traced the designs on the paper with the chocolate.

5. Let cool completely.

6. Very delicately, remove from paper and place on top of cakes.


“You Make My Insides Melt” Cake

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Elizabeth said...

Cute! Love the step by step tutorial on making the white chocolate decorations, hope you had a lovely Valentines day!

Melody's Voice said...

These are adorable! I hope you enjoyed them in bed ;)

Heather said...

yummm! Those look good. I should make them next year for v day.

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