Thursday, February 24, 2011

Relaxed Zoo Day

day 23 outfit

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Last minute we decided to go to the Zoo today. My sis-in-law is in town (staying with my mother-in-law). When my MIL called to see if I wasn’t busy and wanted to go, I was like, “Sure!” The alternative was Laundry, Gym, Laundry, and Laundry. Anything to get out of those chores. Plus point!

Another plus point, it was an overcast day, so I think the clouds scared people away from the zoo because barely anyone was there.  That makes for a relaxed day at the zoo. Peaceful animal viewing at our leisure.

A not so plus point, over cast = over frizzy for my hair, so I donned this hat made by my sister Melody.

{Sidenote: You can enter to win a free custom hat made by Melody at a Giveaway hosted by The Daybook.}

Back to the Zoo.

Specifically, those flowers that so perfectly compliment my outfit. Natural Fashion Synergy, it’s a beautiful thing. In real life, the purple pansies were the exact color of my frilled cardigan, but for some reason my camera cannot capture it properly—it’s a puzzler.

Another thing that matched me at the Zoo, the Frilled-Neck Lizard. No photo taken because he gave me the willies. (If you are so curious, you can read about him here.)

I’ll just stick to the cute stuff. Like Pink Flamingos. My kiddos.

zoo day 006

And Giraffes.

zoo day 009

Time to go do that Laundry.


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Melody's Voice said...

Thanks Amber! The hat looks cute and I love the giraffes!

rebecca said...

I love the hat and your boots. Way to look fabulous at the zoo.

BeaderBubbe said...

When I saw your blog via Networked Blogs and read your profile - 3 boys - I just had to follow. You see, I had 5 children in 7 years...I can so relate, although there is one girl in those 5. Now I have 6 grandsons, ages 3 to 10...and I am still going to zoos and it...enjoy them because they will grow up fast..super fast...

Meredith said...

that's one chic zoo visit! so pretty. i loved taking my little boy for the first time, he LOVED the lemurs, once i pointed them out;)
PS: you're also invited to link up here: with other styln' Mormon mom bloggers. only if you want to, of course:)

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