Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Country Blue and Dimples too

day 22 outfit

country blue 014

country blue 003




country blue 008 (2)country blue 005 (2)






Totally Country: Side Pony Braid.


country blue 004 (2)

Apparently, I have a dimple!! Really. See it?

Okay. Not Really. I don’t think those kind of things suddenly appear. Unless it’s in the nether regions, and for me, those appear frequently.

This is a smile wrinkle. Laugh line. Age crease. Call it what you may. I’m calling it my dimple for today.

On the topic of Botox, I mean, wrinkles, I mean DIMPLES; my son and I had this kinda cute conversation the other day.

4 y/o: There is a boy in my class that has a hole in his face whenever he smiles.

Me: Oh? He has a dimple?

4 y/o: No. {a little slower this time} He has a hole in his face whenever he smiles.

Me: Yes. That is called a dimple.

4 y/o: Hmmpp.

I don’t think he was very impressed with the whole dimple concept. Probably a good thing that I didn’t tell him he has them too ;)

Me personally, I adore dimples—doesn’t most females? Major hunk factor (yes, I’m going with that word).

For instance…

Tom Selleck: Hunk, with a mustache, if you’re into that kind of thing. (mom)

Matthew McConaughey: Hunk, with abs and a southern drawl, he can yes ma’am me anytime.

Josh Holloway: see above, and with scruff. Yes Please!

Brad Pitt: Hunk, with uber style.

Jude Law: Hunk, with an English accent.

Harrison Ford: Hunk, with a whip ;) {My 4 y/o is watching Indiana Jones this very moment so I had to include him.}

Clark Gable: Hunk, without a darn.

Hugh Jackman: Hunk, with everything and an Australian accent. Love him!

Sean Connery: Hunk, with timeless charm.

Who are your dimpled hunks? {include in comment below}


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{See Melody’s #22}

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Kimberly said...

Ford & Jackman. that's it I guess.
Does Sting have dimples? can I include him even if he doesn't? He surely has laugh lines....

CUTE outfit! who tales pics for you and I need 'posing lessons'. I always look like a dork.

(sending a vote your way)

Marie said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS! You look amazing. My dimpled hunk is my hubby ;)

Melody's Voice said...

You already said some of my favs i.e. Brad Pitt & Josh Holloway so I will throw a few more in: Jake Gyllenhaal, James Franco, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Ashton Kutcher (yet he reminds me too much of Brandon)

BTW, love this outfit!

Meggy said...

Adorable!!! Love your outfit so much. The pop of blue tights have me thinking how I can copy your look - er - I mean wear mine! :)

Meggy from Chasing Davies

Come my blog for TWO Giveaways: $100 Giveaway & $25 Giveaway

Lap of Luxury said...

PS you look super cute!

chloe said...

love this outfit Amber, and you are so funny!! I will add the hunky Channing Tatum! ("Dear John guy")

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