Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Kitchen Faucet is Frozen

Because it is still snow and ice covered outside and temperatures are waaaay below freezing, like 15 or something, and apparently pipes can get frozen in sich-e-a-tions like this. So, I felt like a real country girl in my red plaid shirt and workin’ boots, luggin’ water in a blue plastic bowl (that we usually use for poppin’ corn) all the way from my guest bathroom sink to the kitchen sink for me to do the dishes. {Hence the southern accent. Yah, I’m done now.}

day two oufit
30 for 30 01130 for 30 058

30 for 30 02230 for 30 027

30 for 30 045

How sweet is my little one there in his puffy coat (he calls it jack-jack)? He kept it on for half the day—he wouldn’t let me take it off him. And, speaking of jack-jack’s. This little white jacket I’ve had for maybe two years now and have worn once. So this is its chance to shine! Also, I am shocked that I didn’t look like a bag lady with my belt over this ensemble like I usually do. I may just embrace this whole belt not worn in belt loops phenomenon after all.

Outfit Particulars: Luggin’ water boots, Old Navy; Skinny Jeans, Old Navy; Plaid Shirt, Old Navy; Jacket, Old Navy; Belt, New York & Co.

Oh my goodness gracious!! I just realized this is almost a completely Old Navy outfit! What are the chances? Mmmhhh.

{The What & Why about 30 for 30 Remix}

{See Melody’s Day Two}
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Macy Dawn said...

I have fallen in love with checkered shirts. When this challenge is over I think I will end my shopping purge with several checkered additions to my closet :)

Also, my word verification for this post is: Amoopi
I think there's a group of 3rd graders making up words for me to type...

Nicole Mariana said...

Following you back from Follow me back Tuesdays! Please follow me back!

XoXo Nicole Mariana

Melody's Voice said...

You look really cute! You can totally pull of the belt over the clothes thing!

famr_4evr said...

So totally cute!

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