Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It snowed!

on my first 30 for 30 day—and I don’t have a heavy sweater in my selection!! So thank goodness for layers, knee-high socks, and Super Mommy fur-lined boots (which ironically have no tread whatsoever so this was some dangerous photo taking!…yes I slipped…twice.)
outfit 1

That lamp post looks quaint, yet it is freakishly bright and glares right into my bedroom window. But since I’m mostly slightly afraid of the dark I guess I am grateful for it.
outfit particulars: Dangerous, Super Mommy Boots, Alloy; Knee-high Socks, Target; Black Elle Jeggings, Kohl's; Scarf, Sam Moon; Pink Top, Costco; Grey Ruffle Cardy,
{The What & Why about 30 for 30 Remix}
{My sister Melody’s Day One}
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The Pretty Life Anonymous said...

I love the ruffle sweater! I have the same one in black... but I had to wait forever for it because it was on backorder. BOO! You look great!

Melody's Voice said...

Love this. Love the snow and I love the crispness of the pictures! The outfit is cute too.

Marie said...

You guys are sisters? Wow, I've seen her blog before AND I was just showing my mom the other day her etsy shop because I love the little boy beanies with the footballs on them! I had no idea you were sisters but now I can see that you definitely look alike. How fun! I'll definitely be a follower of her blog too!

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