Sunday, February 6, 2011

Funky Fedora Day

My sister Melody and I declared today Funky Fedora Day and we had to incorporate our Fedora's into our outfits. My outfit is not as cool and funky as hers, so I made my photo effects funky to make up for it.

day five outfit

fadora 018-1fadora 028-1










fadora 036-1

I’m not going to pretend.

I don’t love this outfit.

Actually, I don’t even really like this outfit.

In fact, I broke up with this outfit after the date was over. Told it I didn’t want to see it ever again!

I have a feeling that’s going to happen a lot over the next 30, err, 25 days.

Oh well. Que Sera, Sera.

As for the hat—it’s a forever kind of love ;)

Outfit Particulars: Nude Pumps, Target; Black Elle Jeggings, Kohl’s; Red Tank, Gap; Flowered Cardigan, Wet Seal; Fedora, Target.

{The What & Why about 30 for 30 Remix}

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Melody's Voice said...

I think the outfit is cuter than you think. The shoes rock!

Macy Dawn said...

Whether the outfit stuck or not- your hair looked gorgeous! (secretly wishing I was a blonde)

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