Saturday, February 5, 2011

About the B Hat and C Scarf

When I selected my pieces for this challenge, I did not anticipate apocalyptic weather conditions. So I wore this coat, because coats are “freebies” (according to Kendi), and I promise what’s underneath it is 30 for 30 approved.

Really this outfit is about the hat and scarf.

I call the hat my Brenna hat because my BFF always wears hats like this and looks so great (but she’s gorgeous anyway so it’s not really fair).

I call the scarf my Cruise scarf because my husband bought it for me on our cruise. There were like 8 colors to choose from in the gift shop on the ship and I liked them all. So, I shimmied up next to my husband, wrapped my hands around his bicep (it takes both of them), and said, “Sweetie, I love this scarf. I like every color and I can’t decide, so please pick one for me and buy it. K? Love ya. Bye!” Then I went and ate a free cookie at the café across the ship.  He found me later, bringing this cream one. “I thought this would go with most things,” he said. (Oh, how he know me.) Then we ate another cookie together. The end.

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047 copy (2)










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With my boys. And then we went sledding for the next two hours.

Best. Snow. Day. Ever.

Outfit Particulars: Make-shift snow boots, Old Navy; Black Knee-high socks, Walmart; Skinny Jeans, Old Navy; Big black bulky coat, Costco; Scarf, Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas Gift shop; Hat, Payless Shoe Source (seriously).

{The What & Why about 30 for 30 Remix}

{See my sister Melody’s #4}

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Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Cute outfit you look warm and cozy. You must be the most sytlish sledder on the block!

Marie said...

Haha, I love the story about the scarf! That is so funny :) The outfit looks fabulous. How fun that you went sledding with your boys!!

Melody's Voice said...

An outfit very appropriate for your snow day :)

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