Monday, February 7, 2011

Because I married a Quarterback

We don’t just watch the Superbowl. I *get* to be coached on each play as well. {smirk} Well, not each play, but the “beautiful” ones.
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When the Superbowl started we were at Grandparent's house. Our usual Sunday dinner get together.  I took all the kids—including nieces and nephews upstairs to “watch” it on the big screen up there, while all the adults really watched it on the big screen downstairs. I think my 10 year old nephew was the only one of us upstairs paying attention to the game—he was rooting for the stealers. The rest just through balls, jumped on couches, played on their computer (that was me). BUT, as soon as a commercial came on, our heads were up and we were watching. The commercials are the only reason I watch, truthfully.  I told the kids to rate them with a thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs sideways, or a wobble thumbs. Every beer commercial was an automatic thumbs down because beer is bad. Any commercial that involved “skin”, I changed the channel. We were tough critics. The only commercial that got a unanimous thumbs up was the Kid Darth Vader. At half time we headed home.
Right before the last quarter, I had gotten all the boys tucked in bed and settled into my chair (hubby had the couch) to enjoy one of my favorite night time snacks—a bowl of cereal. I kicked up my feet and munched away, some what paying attention to the game—mostly just enjoying the tastiness of Vanilla Almond Flakes swimming in cold milk. Suddenly my husband sits up on the couch and exclaims, “Did you see that?” (I think this is where the game got exciting). “It was beautiful,” he said. “Look what he did here!”
Then he paused, yes, paused the game, walked to the TV and starting pointing at it, playing it in slow motion every second or so to show me what I was to notice about that play. He was saying things like, “holding the coverage”, something about “windows”, “options”, “recovery”, “hip placement” and then “turning them out”.
I learned about a “Pre-snap Read” (and, so cute, he instructs me using “you” as if I was headed out onto the field any minute to do it next):  Means you know where you are going/throwing, but you want to know where the defender is going and make him run in the opposite direction you intend to throw so you look the opposite direction and then throw the other way. 
It really was interesting, but I just think he’s so sexy talking all sports-like ; ) I even stuck around after my bowl of cereal was gone to see how it ended.
Go Packers—it was the team he was rooting for.
That Aaron Rodgers is a legend now, he played the game of his life on the game of his career…at least that’s what my hubby said.
Back to fashion…
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Isn’t this bracelet just perfect?! {a gift from my mom}
Outfit Particulars: Heels, Kohl’s; Skirt, Old Navy; Belt, NY & Co; Cardigan, Wet Seal; Pearls, gift; Bracelet, gift.
{The What & Why about 30 for 30 Remix}
{Melody’s #6}
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Melody's Voice said...

Such a classy outfit. Live the high waited skirt and the pearls and pumps.

We didn't really watch the game. Nathan and I were busy preparing for and hosting out dinner party.

But Nathan was rooting for the Packers too that I know, and he did mention is was a good game or something like that...

Melody's Voice said...

So my last comment had a bunch of know what I mean...

Heather said...

Joel and I didn't even know who was playing in the super bowl. We get a lot of weird looks here in Ohio when we admit that.

Danett said...

Love this outfit! And I can just picture you and your hubby talking football!

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