Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bookworm…if only

day 21 outfit

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I love books.

I’m the aunt that gives books for presents. “Oh whoopee it’s a book.”

My favorite part in Beauty and the Beast is when she is wearing that green dress and he shows her the library. That’d be me.

In college, my escape was going to Barnes and Noble for a tasty drink at their café and plopping down between one of the aisles with a book in hand to peruse—usually some kind of love horoscope book to find at if “mister at the moment” and I were compatible according to as it is written in the stars and all that nonsense.

I love to read books.

I almost always have a stack of two or three books on my nightstand just waiting for me to read.

And, I always say, “Today. Today I will start that book. Just as soon as I finish doing….”

But when I finish doing …., it’s time to make dinner and all that evening hustle, and then after that it’s bedtime, and then after that is when my shows are on. And then after my shows are over, it’s bedtime.

So, I could be a bookworm if I only had ten million less things to do in a day.

Outfit Particulars: Boots, Alloy; DKNY Jeans, Costco; Shirt, Costco; Jacket, Old Navy; Scarf, Sam Moon; Necklace, Guess; Hair Flower, handmade by my sister.

{The What & Why about 30 for 30 Remix}

{See Melody’s #21}

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Kimberly said...

I love to read, but when the kids were between 0 and 7yrs old I hardly had time to sleep, let alone read.....

I need to post a couple pictures of what I wore to the gaming convention I guess. I actually wore my new black heel-sandals one day!

(I'm back from my weekend in L.A.: http://kabersblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/orrcon.html)

jack!e said...

Haha I am the aunt that gives books for presents, too! I love reading. Unfortnately, like you, there is always something else that needs to get done first!

Melody's Voice said...

I wish I read more too, and not just my students essays. BTW, I can't believe you copied Syd and took pics infront of a bookcase...j/k!!!

Erica said...

I L.O.V.E. books. As a child, I got in trouble for bringing books to the dinner table. I frequently get lost in bookstores, spending hours reading a book while sitting between the aisles (which makes my husband not so happy). My idea of heaven? The Beast's library.

North Meets South

Meggy said...

Cuteeee! Love your polka dot scarf around your sweater. Nice touch!

Meggy from Chasing Davies

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