Monday, October 18, 2010

Hairstyle How-to: Sexy-Messy Low Double Bun

I received some comments (which I love) about and requests for my Hairstyle How-to’s I did back when I started this blog.

So here is one for you Sassy Classy’s. 
(it goes along the “sexy-messy” look I usually do…
see my videos below for more.)
october 029 A low double bun.

october 036october 030
october 033

I was hosting an Oktoberfest Dinner at my house, so I wanted a look reminiscent of the German Fraulein hairstyle.  I am one of those people that enjoys being festive (but I’m not crazy Christmas-sweater lady). I paint my toe-nails to match the most recent holiday or season (right now they are black—for Halloween). And, I subtly choose my outfits and styling to reflect a sassy, classy festiveness when the occasion calls for it.

To get this look, the tools you will need are…

october 068



october 070

a hand mirror to see how it looks back there.

This look is great for when you have next-day-leftover-curl hair. As I did…

october 066

I parted my hair down the middle, clean line on top…

october 065

And down the back, just a rough middle part…

october 063
(like I said, gross next-day-leftover-curl hair)

I take one side (half) of my hair and hold it in a low pony tail, pulled away from my head at about a 90 degree angle.

october 048

Pulling the hair straight back at that same angle I start to twist it.

october 052

As I twist it, it will form closer to my head, and once it does, I start to twirl it into a bun shape.

october 055

When you can no longer twist and twirl it and it is in a bun against your head, hold it in place.

october 054

With the same hand that twirled and twisted, remain holding it in place. And with your other hand, place a bobby-pin at the top of the bun.

october 057

Continue to hold with one hand, and place a bobby-pin at the bottom with the other hand.  Continue to place two or three more bobby-pins around the bun until it feels firmly in place.

october 059

Repeat steps for the other side (half).

Then you have two sexy-messy low double buns.

october 061

In case your still confused, here’s a video of me doing it…

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Melody's Voice said...

Your hair color looks really pretty!

Heather Lytle said...

Lately I've been lazy and have been putting my hair in a pony-tail, but I need to spice it up a little bit and try some new techniques.

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