Friday, October 29, 2010


I just love the month of October. About 17 years ago, around the time I was in high school, I consciously noticed that the second weekend in October was possibly the prettiest weather in all the year.  Each year it continues to be true. So this year—after watching my new favorite cooking show, Mad Hungry on the Hallmark Channel, that featured a Fall Fest dinner—I decided to host my own Oktoberfest to celebrate one of my top favorite months.
It was a quite simple menu. Sausage. Potatoes. Cider (We don’t do Beer in my family).
october 025
The sausages were fancy with an onion and apple sauté cooked with them. The boiled potatoes were seasoned with parsley and dill. Following the show’s menu, I also made a German Apple Cake for Dessert. It was a hit and all ages, 2 to 70, enjoyed it!
I’ve decided that I am now making this a tradition to kick off the end of year holiday season. 
To see the menu and recipes, click here.
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Stacy said...


Melody's Voice said...

Looks yum yum yummy. I hope that now that I have a home I can do more fun stuff like this.

Zepp Family said...

Man, I was just remembering the other day the super yummy lunch you hosted and invited me to right after I had Bridget. Those sweet potatoes in the carved out mouth is watering!

You are good in the kitchen. If we lived closer, I'd be inviting myself over for another one of your fall meals :)

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