Thursday, March 1, 2012

Re-painted kitchen desk

I have a nook in my kitchen that is meant for a kitchen desk. THE perfect mommy center. To have had the builder do the desk (for an upgrade) was almost $400! No thank you.  So I went way outside my comfort zone and explored the world of Craig’s List to find a desk—despite my nightmare of being hacked to pieces by another Craig’s List serial killer. Seriously. I had a very graphic nightmare about it the night I started searching online for a desk. But, I was brave, and blessed, because I found a fantastic deal that was exactly what I was looking for, and the seller was a very sweet, polite young man who my mom (my buddy system companion) and I were very relieved to do business with.  The desk was in almost perfect condition, except it was dark walnut stain, and I wanted white.


I painted it! $20 bucks and two days of labor later, I had this:


I still have some organizational stuff I need to put on the wall above it to truly turn it into a mommy office/station, but I already love it. At this very moment I am sitting right where you see and typing this post. It really is perfect :)

I am envisioning something like this above it eventually (plus and minus a few things)…

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Christina said...

I found you through the OBB link up on facebook. I love your office nook in your kitchen! We have our desk off the kitchen, but I long for a more built-in feel to it. Great job with the desk re-do, and great blog!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me where you got your lamp! It's gorgeous!

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