Tuesday, March 6, 2012

7 days of good hair on 1 shampoo

I’ve heard from a couple of experts that shampooing your hair only once a week is actually good for your hair. (Especially for curly hair like mine).  The problem is I would do my hair for the day, it would look great; but then I would go to bed, and when I woke up, it looked frightening. So, my only solution is to re-wash my hair and start from scratch. However, I don’t have time, or I don’t make time, to wash, dry, and style my hair everyday. Plus, as I just stated, it’s not that healthy for my hair. That left me with one day of good hair, then a few days messy bun hair, until I washed it and all was good again, until I slept on it. A vicious cycle…

Finally dawned on me how to make my hair survive the dreaded bedhead (made even worse for naturally curly/frizzy hair.) This may be a “Duh!” for you, but for me it was an “A-ha!” moment.


Solution: When I go to sleep, wear my hair up in a very high, half way pulled out pony. Let me tell you, this does the trick. And in the morning, it only requires a less then ten minute touch up.

To demonstrate I will show you one full week of my hair process on only one shampoo and having cute hair each day! (I still showered each day but kept my hair dry, in case you were worried about my hygiene. I may be hair lazy but I’m not gross.)

Day One: (Wet Braid)

Start off with a Shampoo and Condition.  When I got out of the shower, I combed out my hair, put some product (mousse) in it, parted it as I liked (down the middle) and then pulled it back--while still wet--and braided it down the middle. Sometimes I just leave it braided, sometimes I twist the braid into a bun. Hair time: 5 minutes.


That night when I went to bed, I undid the braided bun and re-braided it into a loose braid down the back to sleep in.



Day Two: (Main Style)

This is my longest time style day. You need to invest at least one day to really take the time to style your hair, it pays off for the rest of the week.


IMG_0474 IMG_0477

In the morning, I take out my braid and curl 1-inch barrel curls all throughout my hair. Then I loosely run my fingers through the curls and shake them out. Finish off with strong hairspray. Hair time: 20 minutes (I have a lot of hair to curl.)


That night when I go to bed, I pull carefully—as to not disturb the curls—my hair into a very high, half-pulled through pony. Leaving the curled ends sticking out.



Day Three: (Touch-up Style)

When I pull my hair out of the high “almost” pony (as I like to call it), it looks like this. That’s my Good Morning face. Thrilled.


Obviously it needs some touch-up, particularly around my front “bangs” area. So I loosely curl my front bangs, and pick out some fallen curl sections to re-curl with the iron.


Seven minutes later I am done.


When I go to bed, it’s the “almost pony”…



Day Four: (Accessory Style)

When I take my hair down in the morning it looks like this. Again, thrilled.


To keep my ends looking smooth, I bunch them together and very lightly brush with a very wide tooth comb. And, just like the day before I touch up the front and the tweaked curls with the iron.


I add some visual interest with a hairband, or sometimes I put in a flower clip or bow. Hair time: 5 minutes.


When I go to bed…(it was cold, I needed to snuggle up.)



Day Five: (Loose Pony)

Good Morning sunshine…(and dark circles…and dark roots. oy.) Hair just taken down from the night.


The hair is starting to lose it’s luster and bounce, so it’s time to start the disguising. Thank goodness for fun ponytails! First I do some bang repair to curl out the kinks and frizz my hair LOVES to do.


This time I used the big guns curling iron because my curls are much more loose at this point in the week.


The side pony is my new favorite. Well, it was my favorite when I was 12. So, hello old friend, glad to see you are acceptable again. Hair time: 5 minutes.

That night I wore it up in the same “almost” pony but I didn’t get to bed until 3 a.m. thanks to an awesome girls night out and I didn’t want to do the camera at that hour. But you get the gist.

Day Six: (Hat Day)

Wake up. Take hair down. Put a hat on it. Done. Hair time: >1 minute.


Before bed, you know the drill, put it back up in the “almost” pony. Have sweet dreams.

Day Seven: (Traditional Ponytail)

By this point, the hair has had it’s day, well six of them actually, so it it time for the good ol’ pony. The extra oil at my roots makes it nice and easy to slick back into a cute pony. Hair time: 3 minutes.


And the week is done.

When you go to bed that night have your sweetheart give your poor scalp a nice massage and let your hair spill over the pillow case and sleep freely, for tomorrow the cycle starts again.

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Melody's Voice said...

This is great!! I've been doing the side pony too. So funny! But I cut my hair so no more side pony.

Jennifer Parker said...

Hey Amber,

I just had to stop by and say that I read every new post. I realized that I hadn't commented in awhile, and that is really bad fellow blogger form!
I've also heard about only washing hair once a week, but I haven't been able to get past three days. I think I just have extra greasy hair (ick!). I found a product called dry shampoo, but it turned out that I'd practically have to use half a can to get my hair looking normal.
Keep up the good work! (And I love Coty Airspun Powder.)

Joel Lytle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Heather said...

Wow! Your hair lookded great everyday! You can't even tell that your hair got greasy by that last day. I'll have to try that half-pony at night.

Holly Kolvig said...

YOU ARE ADORABLE!!!!- my mom just sent me a link to your blog today- she said you remind her of me- but I have to say- you are so much cuter and positive! I am going to be a new stalker- I mean follower....

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