Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mission “Obtain Sweater”

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Mission: “Obtain Blue Striped Sweater.”

Briefing: If necessary , call in re-enforcements to accomplish the mission.

Key Operative Player: My brother Brandon…really his fiancé Jeanessa.

Obtaining this sweater felt like a strategic mission. I HAD to have this sweater in my possession. It spoke to me and was on sale for only $20! (Please tell me clothes speak to you as well.) I saw it in an online ad via email from NY&Co and the mission began. 

First, see if it was available online. The simplest procedure. It was not.

Second, see if it was at my nearest NY&Co store. It was, but not in the right size.

Third, have sales associate call next nearest store to see if they have it in my size. They did. One left. But they were about to close, so they held it for me for 48 hours. I only had 24 hours being that the next day was Saturday.

Fourth, figure out the simplest way to get to the mall without bringing all three boys with me.

Road blocks: basketball game, nap time, gym, life.

It wasn’t going to happen for me and the day was winding down. Then inspiration struck and I remembered that my brother and his fiancé said they were suit shopping for their wedding. I called them, keeping my fingers crossed that they were still at the mall. They were! They were there for like 6 hours, lucky for me they love to shop (I think it’s a genetic thing in my family).  So brother and his adorable fiancé came to the rescue and picked up the sweater the store had on hold for me. I thanked him and said, “By the way, while you are there, can you also grab the tan and white stripped peep toe flats they have on sale there as well?” That’s when brother said, “I’m handing the phone over to Jeanessa, she will have a much better idea of what you just said to me.” Thank goodness for the good women my brothers were smart enough to snag :)

Fifth, have my mom bring the sweater (and shoes) when she comes for Sunday dinner at my house.

Mission accomplished! Plus I got super cute stripped flats too!

I do really love this sweater. I love you too Brandon and Jeanessa.

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Melody's Voice said...

It is a cute sweater. So worth it in my opinion. You like NY&CO huh?

Heather said...

Well worth the effort. Question: is it difficult to button it up in the back?

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