Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Such a tease

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2012-02-22 001 2012-02-22 006
{Dress: NY&Co, Shoes: NY&Co, Cardigan: Costco, Hat: Bermuda, Necklace: gift}
The weather was such a tease today! February Twenty-Second and it was 78 degrees outside! If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was back in California…aside from the fact that there are no mountains here in Texas, the grass is brown, and I passed cows grazing on my way to Costco today. But still. 78! Such a tease. So, I flirted right back and wore my summertime hat and flip flops. Who cares that it is only thirty days into Winter.

About the dress, because my friend at the park asked.  It’s a maxi dress. I am becoming all about maxi dresses! I may or may not have a few more. Basically they are as comfortable as a night gown but completely versatile casual or dressy (like here).  I got this one last year on sale online at NY&Co. My friend wanted to know where she could get one for herself. The answer is practically anywhere. Looks like they will be sticking around for the next season. Yay!
Wendi (and whomever else is interested), I did some quick online browsing for you and found these adorable Maxi dresses for under $30!
Floral Maxi Dress

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Other good stores to check out are: Ross, TJ Max, & Burlington Coat Factory
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Heather said...

I love maxi dresses too! I have a black one, but I don't have a cute hat to wear with it like you do. That forever21 one is super cute. I wonder if they have them in the store for trying on and I wouldn't have to pay shipping. I think I know where I'll be shopping this weekend...if I get some time.

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