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{Top: Costco!! (bought two days ago); Skirt: Express; Shoes: Nine West; accessories: a collection of every silvery bangle I own.}

Can you believe that Cul-de-sac literally means “butt of bag” in French? I think we may have moved into one of the kindest butt of bags in the U.S.!

Let me backtrack for a second. In December we finally moved into the house we’ve been building since May of last year. We picked a cul-de-sac lot because my husband grew up on one and loved it, I always wanted to live on one, and with three active boys, it just made sense. It’s a small cul-de-sac with only eight homes on it, so it’s quiet and awesome. Seriously, I think our neighbors on our cul-de-sac are some of the nicest people.

On the day we moved in—one week before Christmas!—two of our neighbors showed up at lunch time with two pizzas and a huge bag of chips for us to enjoy.  Then they said they’ll come back later in the day with dessert—which turned out to be homemade candies and cookies!  A few days after that our very next door neighbors brought over bags of caramel corn and a basket of chocolates! Then just this past weekend our neighbors across the street brought over a giant gift bag from Central Market and a nice card with all their contact information on it!  I feel so blessed and so happy that we picked this spot to plant some roots for a while :)

So, I’ve decided that one my resolutions for 2012 is to be a good neighbor. Literally. Now, I just need to figure out what that exactly entails beyond the quick “hi-I-see-you-driving-down-the-street” wave. Any neighborly advice?

By the way, my other resolution for this year: have good posture. (I figure it’s an easier way of looking thinner than making another resolution to lose weight.)

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Heather said...

Wow! Sounds like you hit the neighbor jackpot! We live on a very friendly street, but I need to be more outgoing. This is what I should be doing:
-wave when I drive by (I do do this)and (when I'm not in a hurry) stop and roll down my window to have a quick conversation.
-bring over plates of cookies - or other treats( at any time, and for no reason in particular).Sometimes if I'm out of an ingredient I'll call a neighbor to see if they have what I need and then bring them some of what I've made after it's made.
-If you're outside and another neighbor is outside, go over and start a conversation. (good conversation starters: compliment them on their landscape or ask questions about it, or maybe ask their opinion on something)
-Bring in their trash cans if they blow away.
- Throw a block party - I bet you could get lots of ideas on the internet. Since you guys are new you could throw a get-to-know your neighbors party.
- There are a ton of cute little "handout" ideas on pinterest. For a Monday night you and your family can make some of these and then pass them out to your neighbors.

Now I need to go and do some of these ideas...

If you do some of these you should post which ones were the most fun/easy/best to do.

Heather said...

Oh, and I'm trying to improve my posture too...But it is so hard!! I've been more aware of when I slouch - which is like all the time - and when I started trying to change my posture my back muscles got totally sore! It's gonna take lots of practice, but it's better to try and change it now than when I'm 50.

Heather said...

Oh, and one more thing (sorry if I'm getting annoying) I love your top!!! That would look so good with a skirt (like you have) or with jeans! Joel isn't a fan of the slouchy shirts (since they don't show off the feminine figure to it's best advantage) but I love them!!

Jo Reed jo_jo_1962@verizon. said...

I'm Jo. I live in Maryland and have most of my life. I've been married for 27 years in June and our daughter was married 10-1-10.

I found your Blog from Our Best Bites. I would love to remember how I found my way to them but I have MS and I bring new meaning to the phrase Sort-attention-span-theater.

I try everyday to get up and dress even if I'm not going anywhere. Instead of just throwing on a sweat suit. I'll wear jeans, do my hair, heels are on and all my beads and baubles are appropriately placed. I sell Premier Designs Jewelry (amazing company!) so I have a lot of jewelry.

Truth me told, I guess one could say I have a lot of everything, except shoes. I just love your cul-de-sac outfit and it is actually the reason I am writing.

That was how our neighborhood was 23 years ago and now their are only 3 originals left and I so miss all the sun we used to have. I was just living vicariously through you.

So here's a question. Do you just know what you want to wear or are you trying to re-create a look? I have my clothes in 3 closets and two dressers and my shoes are on a book case in my office.

So I check the weather and then start with the bottoms -jeans, skort or shorts and work up from there. I must try on and take off 10 tops every morning. OY! Then its blazers or a jacket, do I need a scarf and then we start with jewelry. Please share this blissfully easy way you dress, other than a 10x10 walk-in closet.

Thanks so much! well you have to believe in something and I believe
I'll have another Champagne.

Oh, my email is jo_jo_1962@verizon.

May You Be well and Be Blessed,


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