Sunday, January 29, 2012

Plum Loved





My seven year old begged me to substitute teach in his primary class for this Sunday. It took me about minus two seconds to decide—I was honored! He has yet to hit the age where he is embarrassed to have me around. I like to pretend that day will never come. Maybe he will be odd like me and always think he has super cool parents and like hanging out with them.  Maybe he can stay a momma’s boy forever. That is one of the great blessings of being a mommy to three boys—all the love I get. My sons love to take care of mommy. They love to give me kisses. They love to hold my hand.  They love to make me smile. 

Today in church my seven year old of course sat right next to me in Primary. But, sitting in the chair next to me just wasn’t good enough.  He scooted his little tush over so we were practically sharing the same seat. Then he nestled his head under my arm so I would wrap it around him, and he took my other hand in my lap to hold. I leaned my head onto his, and there we sat. It always feels right to be at church, but cuddled up next to my son, well, that is heaven.

{Shoes: Target (70%off bought yesterday!!); Skirt: store closed; Sweater: Gap; Bracelet: gift}

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Melody's Voice said...

Love your boys :)

Cute, simple outfit. Cute shoes :)

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Right now is a good time when you are the most important person in their lives.

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