Saturday, January 28, 2012

Primary Printables (Lesson 43: manual 1 & 2)

Primary Lesson Activity/Handouts
Primary 1, Lesson 43: “We Have a Living Prophet”
This goes with one of the suggested activities in the lesson.
I will follow our Prophet

Print Here

Follow the Prophet
My Sunbeam age son enjoys any activity that is the trifecta--coloring, cutting and gluing! I designed this with that in mind. Help the children write in their name and they can check off the boxes of what they choose to do to Follow the Prophet (hopefully all four.) Then have them color the pictures on the other page, cut, and glue in the correct spaces.  If you don’t want to do the second color, cut and glue sheet activity, simply have the children draw in themselves doing the action.

Primary 2, Lesson 43: “Jesus Christ Will Come Again”
This activity goes with the parable taught in the lesson about the Ten Virgins and their oil lamps. Having enough oil in the lamps can be compared to the children preparing for the second coming by doing the teaching of Jesus Christ.
Each child is given a lamp and drops of oil with things they can do to prepare. Have them cut out the oil drops and “put” (glue) them in their oil lamp.

Prepare oil lamp[5]

Print Here

Prepare oil drops[10]

Print Here                         
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Kimberly said...

And glue is the ULTIIMATE in any Trifecta of activities... until they get old enough that FIRE becomes the Ultimate, thing to beat, in activity fun.

Micaela said...

I taught my lesson on the Second Coming today and let me tell you... the kids totally understood the importance of becoming and staying prepared!!! And I totally give the credit to you! After reading the parable of the 10 virgins we explained how we can apply it to our lives. The concept was a bit over their heads until i whipped out the lamps to help explain. Oh, just thank you so much for helping me out today! Do you have any fun ideas for the Christmas lesson? I want to do something special for them but not even sugardoodle has anything. My calling, not yours, but if you come up with something let me know :)


Anonymous said...

you spelled "goinging" wrong in your Follow the Prophet lesson hand-out

Meagan , Brian, Sydney & Jonas! said...

Wow! Thanks so much for making this! This is fantastic!

Yanira Murphy said...

I've been trying to download your "follow the prophet" trifecta handouts, but it keeps taking me to some other webpage that says I have to download a specific software... it looks more like a virus, because it plays some sort of audio advertisement. Is there any way you can fix it?

Jamie said...

Thanks for the great handout!!
I agree about it looking fishy (like spyware) having to download software first in order to download the page. I just brought the page up big, then copied and pasted so I didn't have to download any software.

Harrison's said...

Thank you SO much. My class is all about cutting and gluing too :)

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