Friday, February 3, 2012



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Last Friday night I said farewell to one of my favorite people. His name is Chuck a.k.a. Charles Carmichael. Oh, you’ve heard of him? Yea, he was kinda popular, with his own show and all. 

I was hooked from day one five years ago.  Chuck was so endearing and lovable—it was no surprise cool, tough spy girl Sarah fell in love with him.  It made me smile watching them interact and romance through their spy missions.  And despite how perilous or challenging the missions were, Sarah still wore the most killer black high-heal boots and kicked some serious tush!! 

So, today, there may be no Chuck for me to enjoy, but I can still dress like a spy. Which, according to Sarah, wear all black with leggings and black knee high boots…with heals. It makes knocking out the bad guys easier. I’m guessing.

My mission today: Endure two shots (vaccinations for my little guy), then maneuver my way through a quite crowded Costco as I acquired a package of pull-up diapers, and stealthily sneak more then one sample of the teriyaki meatballs and cheesy nachos and the artichoke jalapeño dip and a couple of others…it was a good day for samples at Costco…and I was hungry.  Mission accomplished.

P.S. I am going to show you (soon) how to make the variation of a low, messy bun that I am sporting. So be excited for it.

Have a good weekend!

{Boots: Nine West; Leggings: Costco; Top: Costco; Necklace: NY&Co.}

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Melody's Voice said...

Look at those sexy noots! Man people at Costco must have been checking you out!!!!

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Just as pretty as Sara!

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