Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Sunday Best: Estate Jewelry


Sweater: TJ Max, Skirt: Gap, Shoes: Nine West, Bracelet: Grandmother’s



This bracelet is actually a necklace.  It is one of the pieces I was able to have from my Grandmother’s jewelry. I wondered if it could possibly be “vintage”. I have not owned anything considered vintage before…that I was aware of.  But truthfully I didn’t really know what constituted vintage nowadays because I see that word everywhere—it is quite the trend.

So I googled it.

My quick (five minute) research explained that this particular piece of jewelry would definitely qualify as “Estate jewelry.” Which is basically a very dignified way of describing something that was previously owned.

To qualify it as vintage, I would have to know from what era it came from. By the looks of, I would say it is a vintage 1970’s Beaded Necklace. But, Grandma is not around to ask. So, until I can ask Grandma for sure, that’s what I’m going with.

Now I officially have my first Estate, Vintage Jewelry. Thanks Grandma (and mom, for letting me have it.)

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ooh, this look is absolutely perfection!! You look SO gorgeous, I'm loving that contrast stripe on your skirt and I love your estate jewelry piece, very pretty!! xo veronika

Melody's Voice said...

I love your skirt! You look so cute! I dont remember that piece of grandma's jewelry. Cute!

EverydayMomStyle said...

Very cool piece, and I love that is has a history and a personal connection for you! Makes it all the more special!

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