Friday, November 11, 2011

After a Fashion: Blonde in Boots


Shirt: Express, Scarf: NY&Co, Jeans: Elle @ Kohl’s, Boots: Style&Co @ Macy’s


As evidenced from the picture below, this is another copy-cat outfit from the Downeast October 2011 catalog.  I already had each piece or similar in my wardrobe…

2011-11-06 001 2011-11-06 001

…Except for these boots.  I saw this model’s grey boots and was strangely appealed by them (they are not normally my style, but styles do evolve, right?)


So, on a shopping trip to Macy’s for some other kind of boots (post upcoming), I saw some greyish, similarish boots. They were okay, but my normal size was a little to snug. They salesman mentioned he had a nine and a half in the taupe color, another not usual color for me, but I gave them a chance. You can see how it turned out.  I left the store with two new boots for the season, and only spent $10 thanks to a gift card I found stashed in my wallet!

They may be taupe, but I call them blonde. The shoe name is “Spunky”. Yay for spunky blondes :)

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Melody's Voice said...

Super cute outfit and cute boots too. I love the model's boots. I would totally wear them. I found this great website for boots and ordered two pairs. Some black combat boots and come cognac ridding boots!
Check it out

Heather said...

I love boots too! They cover up my "imperfections" You look great in them - totally cute outfit.

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