Monday, October 31, 2011

A Spell at Witchcraft (true story)


Dress: F21, Tights: Target, Shoes: Nine West, Broomstick: World Market




When I was in high school, I dabbled in witchcraft for a short time, just for a spell. Literally, I did just one spell.

Here’s the story:

It was Junior year, and my friend Shannon was intrigued with witchcraft. (This was WAY before Harry Potter and the whole magic/vampire craze we know today).  I don’t know how seriously she took it…she didn’t go all gothic or weird…she still stayed the cool surfer chick; but she would tell me a little about it in our Chemistry class together.  Witchcraft and Chemistry is basically the same thing right?—a bunch of mixing potions right?

Well, Shannon (and Shannon, if you are reading this, tell me if you remember), had a book that was called something like, “Witchcraft A to Z”.  It sounded kinda interesting, kinda fun to take a look at.  So, she let me borrow it. I didn’t see any harm at flipping through it.  I had a firm Christian foundation and faith. I wasn’t much impressed with what the book had to offer, either because it seemed weird, or ridiculous, or slightly spooky. However there was ONE spell that seemed harmless and relatively easy, with the potential for awesome results…

It was a spell to actually visualize in a dream the man I was going to marry!

The hopeful-romantic teenager I was could not resist.

Now, I am not endorsing witchcraft AT ALL, but the spell went like this: Ask for an apple from a widow and do no thank her for it. Eat half the apple before midnight, then eat the other half after midnight. Then go to sleep. That night the man I was going to marry would appear in my dreams.

The most tricky part was trying to find a widow I could get an apple from…and then remembering NOT to say thank you.  As it turned out, my little sister’s preschool teacher was a widow and she taught from home. So, on Friday night my sister Heather (a freshman) and I drove over to her house pretending we were on a scavenger hunt and that we needed an apple. Luckily she had one.

I completely the rest of the spell as outlined and went to bed.  That night I did dream. And, there were guys in it. I was curious if I would dream about my at the time boyfriend who I thought I was going to marry.  I didn’t—which was puzzling.  Instead, I dreamed about a guy in school who I always had a slight crush on, but it was an impossible situation. (Yes, I had a boyfriend and a crush on someone else at the same time—I was 16!) Anyway, this guy in the dream was a football player and he was playing football in the dream….

OH MY GOSH! As I am writing this I am realizing that I think the spell REALLY DID WORK! I knew the likelihood of me marrying Crush Boy was nearly impossible so I considered the spell failed. But now knowing what I know and who I did marry, it may have worked. For you see, years and years later, when I FINALLY met my would-be husband, I discovered that Crush Boy played football AGAINST my husband in high school. I was literally seventeen cheering for my high school football team to tackle my future husband—(Hubby was his school’s Quarterback—he’s awesome.)

I may have dreamed him that night.

OK. Trippy.

That was my dabble in witchcraft. One spell. May have worked?

But I am NOT endorsing witchcraft!

But eating apples is okay, preferably before midnight. And, we should always say thank you :)

Oh, and dressing up like a sassy witch one day a year?—totally endorsed!

Happy Halloween!

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Julie said...

Love it! And, you look great!

Melody's Voice said...

Oh yeah I kinda remember this! Your hair looks so pretty and t getting so long!

Ps. I'm glad my bridesmaid dress can also double as a witch dress.

Heather said...

I've used Mel's bridesmaid dress from my witch costume too (and I had striped tights too. We could be twin witches). And I totally remember doing that "spell". But of course I don't recall what I dreamed about.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh Amber!! I've been playing "catch up" on your blog and began reading this post. Your story sounded familiar! I'm cracking up at your spell! That was the only spell I did too! Oh, so funny! Love the way your dream may have revealed your hubby! But who was your crush?! Do tell...

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