Sunday, February 13, 2011

A un-photo worthy 10

{Insert you own mental picture here}

Day 10 in my 30 for 30 was very uneventful—outfit wise. Mommy wise it was very eventful. Let’s see. I did the dishes. I vacuumed. Oh, I highlighted my own hair for the very first time in the history of my life—it turned out ok. (I just did my roots—at least they won’t be bugging me for a while.) We went to the library and paid $9 in overdue fines (ouch). 

As for the uneventful outfit—it was still in the 30 for 30 selections but it was just my black jeggings, white long sleeve tee and my brown boots. You can picture it in your head if you’d like, and insert it above, but really don’t waste your time. Picture this guy instead—now he’s a photo worthy TEN! He’s my new fave I think.

white collar

Why have I not been watching White Collar all along?

I have corrected this error, and I am now DVR-ing it.

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Kimberly said...

I will still vote for you blog, even though the guy is not my type....

Sarah said...

Congrats on highlighting your own hair! Glad you did it! I just redid mine on Friday. It's so nice to be shiny blonde again! haha

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

I LOVE White Collar- I tell everyone about it! We watch it every week :)

Ali said...

White Collar = Awesomeness!

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