Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Secret, Flowers, Picnic.

day eight outfit

secret blazer 002

secret blazer 017

secret blazer 005

The title sounds like I’m describing a forbidden rendezvous…or my marriage proposal. But no. They’re my adjectives for this outfit.

I’m wearing my “secret” blazer (which I used as my coat today so it’s not a complete 30 for 30 cheat). Are you wondering why it’s a secret? Well, I can’t tell. It’s a secret. But, there are a handful of lovely ladies that may recognize it. (I promise it’s not anything dishonest…or illegal.)

Flowers is for my earrings. I love my happy yellow earrings. Yellow is another color I don’t normally gravitate towards (see previous post), but I’m easing into it.

Picnic describes my shirt. Because it looks like a picnic blanket…or table cloth. But I LOVE it. Notice how it kinda matches the brick pattern—kinda cool I thought.

Now, were I describing my husband’s marriage proposal I would have also included words like: Ocean, Cliff, Sunset, PERFECTION. {happy sigh}


{The What & Why about 30 for 30 Remix}

{See Melody’s #8}

Today was Blazer day on Everybody Everywear.

Classic Blazer | Everybody, Everywear
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Hayley said...

love this outfit. seriously. and the bun is really cute!!

Melody's Voice said...

and you said you didn't have a blazer...

I love the first picture. I love how the collar is all funcky.

Living Foxy said...

Great outfit. I love 30 for 30 challenges. I'm excited to be a new follower.


Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I noticed the blazed on tuesday and was wondering about it. The outfit is real cute and fun!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

love the gingham shirt and blazer look, so chic!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Kimberly said...

do you have a brown shirt on over the shirt-under the blazer?
that'd be THREE layers. you are a crazy-mad woman to wear that many layers on your arms...
(actually I am the crazy-mad one that can not wear wear layers- they make me very grumpy)

Marie said...

I really love this look! YOu always look so great!! By the way, I tagged you with a stylish blogger award on my blog :)

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