Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saved by a Scarf

day fifteen outfit

Realistically, my everyday “Mommy” outfit (when the temperatures are below 80 degrees), is Jeans and a T-shirt. But not one of those t-shirts you get for free at charity runs or company picnics (or your husband’s drawer), nor the t-shirts that have some ridiculous saying on them. (Those were for college days…I had one that said “AS IF!”—it was quite a hit.) I’m talking about the shirts that are part T and part Blouse. Like the one above. I have the same shirt in like four different colors. Thank goodness for colorful and interesting accessories like this cheerful scarf that saves me from leaning on the side of plain or boring. Coupled with gold flats and a chunky bracelet, this Mommy is set to go run a million errands.

splash scarf 003

Outfit Particulars: Flats, Target; CK Jeans, Costco; Shirt, Costco; Scarf, Old Navy; Bracelet, gift from Hawaii.

{The What & Why about 30 for 30 Remix}

{See Melody’s #15}

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Melody's Voice said...

It is nice how a few simple accessories can kick an outfit into gear. I like the colors of your scarf.

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