Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fancy Monotone

day eighteen outfit

monotone 009monotone 024











It’s warming up. Feeling less like winter more like spring. Yet, this is a Winter 30 for 30, and my clothes were selected with a 50-60 temperature range in mind. NOT practically 80! So it’s tricky tricky. This would be about the time I pull out the Capri's or Bermuda shorts. But no. All I gots is the pencil skirt.

I embraced the monotone here. I thought, “How many beige-y things can I possibly wear with this?” and threw it all together. Thank goodness for a Leopard print headband to add something interesting.

When my husband saw me, he said, “Ooooh, fancy.”

Gotta appreciate the power of a pencil skirt.

Outfit Particulars: Flats, Target; Skirt, Kohl’s; Shirt, Walmart; Necklace, Wet Seal; Headband, Gift.

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Melody's Voice said...

I like the picture of you fixing the flowers. It is a fancy monotone outfit. I of course love the leopard headband.

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