Friday, January 27, 2012

Studs & Grommets





A storm was rolling in as we were taking these shots, hence the “antennae” bangs blowing. But luckily the storm didn’t come earlier in the day, so I was able to enjoy adult social interaction at a lunch with some mom friends at Central Market. It is not as important for my husband to get together with other men and talk, bond, watch sports…whatever men do.  He’s a bit of a loner—he just needs me (wink). But I’m different, I need girl time. Maybe it’s because I am surrounded by boys. Maybe it’s a female thing.

Fact is, I love sitting around chatting and laughing with girlfriends.  I have some hilarious friends. Let me just say, our conversation today would have been rated PG-13. Between discussing scandalous reality television, Steven Tyler’s, um, size, and releasing our inner momma bear at careless drivers via certain hand gestures, it was lots of fun. Don’t worry, the kiddos were on the playground during said topics—when they came around we discussed world geography.

{Pants: Gap (forever ago); Shirt: Old Navy; Jacket: Wet Seal; Shoes: Madden Girl @ DSW}

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Melody's Voice said...

Fun! It's great having girl time :)


You are so pretty, always. And this outfit is so beautifully styled, love the gingham dress shirt & it's so perfectly paired with your jacket. Gorgeous!! Happy weekend. xo

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Your outfit is very classy (and sassy).

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