Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Even if the home *looks* perfect…(part two)


My house was in perfect condition.

june 016

But I was not.

So I turned to some friends for help. (read here)

This is the continuation from my Bishop’s wife.

She wrote:

Now for my role as a wife and strengthening our marriage.

1. We try to go on dates on Fridays. It is easier now that we have older children that can babysit but even when they were little we pay a babysitter. It was expensive but we really needed that time together. We usually try to compensate the expense by going to less expensive restaurants or activities.

2. Going to the temple has always being a priority for both of us. We go once a month and even if we miss our usual Ward temple day we go another time. When the children were small we used to take turns. We would drive together to the temple and while one went inside the other stay with the kids outside.

3. We talk pretty much about everything. The children know that I will always tell dad what is going on in the house. This is something they sometimes do not appreciate. :) If I have to make a big purchase I always consult with him even in the middle of the day! To me a big purchase is buying a vacuum cleaner!!

4. I know [my husband] is very patient with me so when I feel impatient with him I think of the many time he has been patient with me!

5. We pray together a lot. We consult Heavenly Father in pretty much everything. I think sometimes Heavenly Father laughs at us because we ask for confirmation on the silliest things.

6. We also hug and kiss every time we have a chance. I like to make sure our children see us hugging and kissing because I hardly ever saw my parents do it.

Love is such a strong bond that even when we have our bad days we can work things out not matter what!

* * *

Thank you R for sharing. You really did help me out.

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Ben and Rosa Tillman said...

You are welcome! BTW I made the potato soup last night and it was a HIT!!! Thanks. Love, R.

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I discovered your blog! I love it! Keep up the great work!


Kiera said...

Thanks For sharing your tips! I needed them!

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