Monday, December 6, 2010

Shopping Therapy Minute

cozy cardy

Saw this cardigan (actually dig the whole outfit) in a mail catalog from JCP. Went out Black Friday weekend and bought it. Only one left hanging randomly alone amidst the chaos. It was a sign…even though it’s a large…it was meant to be because truthfully I’ve been kinda large these days. So I snagged it, and then stood in a fifteen minute line…with my four year old…with five minutes to spare before our movie (Tangled) started. Somehow time, space and the shopping universe of meant to be cozy cardigans magically warped and we got there (running through the mall in stiletto boots…me…my son had on his z-straps) with moments to spare! It really was meant to be. Except it is rather large. I’m going to wash it in super hot water and dry it on super high, and see what happens. Or, I could go eat 10 more Hershey mint truffles.

target shirt

I’m thinking about going to Target to buy this and wear it with the meant to be cozy cardy. I saw one with a pretty snowflake which I kinda liked better.

grey cardy

Saw this grey ruffled (luhve ruffles) cardigan in a mail catalog from Alloy. It was love at first sight. But like all good loves (like finding my husband), I had to wait for it from backorder. But it was worth it (like finding my husband).  I got it in the mail on Friday and wore it Saturday night. Did I tell you I LOVE it? Did I tell you I LOVE my husband? It was a great night for both…if you know what I mean ; )

Oh, and I’m on the search for a shirt I saw a women wearing Friday night. I stopped her, told her I liked her shirt, and asked where she got it (I have no shame). Surprise…it was from Wal-Mart! It was a grey tee shirt with red sequins of Santa’s jolly face. Really adorable. She was wearing it under a grey cardigan. See where I’m going with this? So I need it.


10 of these is barely over 200 calories.


There was a comment about me shopping in heels. Yes, it is true. But! I knew that I was going only to that one store, and then sitting for two hours in the theaters. They were these kind of boots.

Franco Sarto Women's Advent Knee-High Boot

Franco Sarto Women's Advent Knee-High Boot,Black Derby Calf,9 M US

So the heel wasn't officially "stiletto" truth be told. I promise I don't lie on anything else. I ate 11 Hershey mint truffles.

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Melody's Voice said...

So that ruffle cardigan I LOVE! I've had my eye on it for a while now!

Marie said...

Just came across your blog. And I just have to say that I am so happy to FINALLY find a fashion blog done by a MOM! I'm a mom to two little boys and want to thank you for representing :)

Kimberly said...

you wear stilettos shopping?

my mom asked about clothes for me for my Bday or Christmas. I sad "no, thanks."
it'd just be something else to have to wash.
Now, A microscope, beakers, forceps, petri dishes... Bring it ON! They would make me very happy.

Kimberly said...

PS. I do like the cute baggy berett. berret? hat.

as always, I enjoy reading your blog and sending a vote your way! Use it wisely~

Sassy Classy Mommy said...

I wrote an addedum for you. And my christmas list includes a carpet steam cleaner, not a hint of clothing on it, so I know what you mean.


I've had it dogearred in the catalog for a couple of months, finally I just broke down. So glad.

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