Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Fashion: Accessories…and a surprise.

{Give-A-Way Instructions at the end of this post}

There are so many wonderful things about Fall. The cooler weather. The changing leaves. The Baking. The Holidays. And, THE FASHION!

I am so happy it is sweater weather : ) I still feel lousy, but weather outside is fabulous.
My sister Melody (who I’ve posted about earlier and her fabulous fashion) is my featured guest poster today.  I asked her to share some of her thoughts, particularly about accessories for this fall season…

Accessories are a great way to make any outfit all the more interesting. I am particularly into hats and scarves right now. I love throwing on a scarf with a plain T, cardigan and skinny jeans. With a great scarf, the only flat part on my outfit is my ballet flats. Scarves are so easy and effortless. Hats are another great accessory. Fedoras, cloches and beanies are all great styles each with a purpose. Fedoras are great for weekend brunches with friends and  cloches and beanies are great for the cold winter days in the snow and wind.

Thanks Sis!

By day Melody is a High School English teacher, by night she is a crocheting superwoman.  She has her own apparel accessories shop on Etsy (Lap of Luxury Designs by Melody). Her items and designs are featured at craft shows, in boutiques nationwide, and are sold worldwide.

Here’s a commercial my quasi Hollywood Independent Film Director brother Brandon made:

LapofLuxury264 from Brandon on Vimeo.

Now if you’ve read this whole post and are one of my devoted visitors, you shall be rewarded. 

Courtesy of Lap of Luxury Designs by Melody, I am hosting a Give-A-Way.

You can have your own "Cloche"--it is a type of beanie, only cuter ;)

IMG_9256 Nickell Photography)
(photo courtesy
Here are the rules: (all three for one entry)

1. Become a follower of my blog (see top right sidebar, click follow and enter your e-mail. This is the best way for me to contact winners and it keeps your e-mail private so no need to post it in a comment).

2. Visit the Lap of Luxury Etsy Shop, take a look around and decide what colors you want your Cloche to be. (Ex: taupe hat with white bow.)

3. Come back here to my blog and leave a comment telling me your choice, AND also, which of my past posts has been a favorite of yours.

*Extra entry point:  Follow the Lap of Luxury Blog and also leave a comment telling her what item is your favorite. Then come back here to tell me you did (make sure you leave a second comment for this).

This Give-A-Way ends in two weeks (November 19)

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Kiera said...

So I like the brown one with cream or white bow. I like your pity party post, because it made me laugh.

Katie said...

Hi! I love a black hat with a white bow. I too like your pity party post, as well as the one with the recipe for the macaroni and cheese! Yummy! I am so going to try it!

Katie said...

I am also a follower of Melody's Lap of Luxory page, and left her a comment! Looks like you guys have some very talented crocheters in your family!

AmberRose said...

Hi Amber! Long time! Just went through your blog. Way cute posts. I just recently posted a pity party post so I too can relate.

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Love the accessory helps. I have been working on increasing mine.

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Wow, you're brother is really talented too- that video is legit! And I totally coveted those hats before I ever knew Melody was your sister, how weird is that?! Sassy-Classy little fam you have there Amber!

I love the chocolate colored hat with a cream/linen bow. Too cute! And for my favorite post- I love the hair how-to ones because we have similar hair so it gives me lots of ideas!

Fun giveaway girlie :)

<3 Sara

Kate said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Love the colonial blue and angel white (my team colors).

Love your Pity Party post because I can totally comisterate!

Worldexpanded said...

Charcoal Grey with black bow

I enjoyed the Gardening Series Part I
it's always a good thing to beautify home little bit more.

Ali said...

It's so hard to decide. Charcoal Grey with an Eggplant bow. So adorable! I follow and enjoyed the accessory helps post

socialison at gmail dot com

Ali said...

Also I follow Lap of Luxury blog and left a comment!

Aik said...

I love the one pictured: taupe hat with white bow.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Aik said...

I'm a follower of Lap of Luxury Blog.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Sanna said...

I like the brown one with a taupe bow!

I follow the blog trough GFC.

And the post I liked the most was: What’s in your fridge?

jhitomi said...

I am a follower of your blog as jhb. I would choose Light Periwinkle hat with Linen Bow.
I love Outfit posts, so your Nov 3 Date Night Sassy post is the kind that I like to see.
thanks! jhbalvin at gmail dot com

gustosa giveaways said...

new blog follower
i like the Cloche Hat with mini-bow in chocolate cake
and i like your Octoberfest post
gustosagiveaways at ymail dot com

Rich and Mallory said...

GFC follower (Rich and Mallory)

I loved your "Date Night Sassy -- Part 2: Hair" Post. It was very helpful ;)

I love the Crochet Headband with Sideways Bow. Any of the colors are darling!

Mallory1031 at gmail dot com

Rich and Mallory said...

Following Lap of Luxury! Shared my love!

Mallory1031 at gmail dot com

sunset studies said...

Hi, i am a follower of your blog via GFC.

I would love to win an eggshell white hat with a pink bow.

I enjoyed your past post 'gardening series part 1'

Thank you!

louise_gillies(at)hotmail dot com

sunset studies said...

I am a new follower of the Lap of Luxury blog! I left a comment with my fav item - Crochet Cloche Hat with Snowflake Flower. Thank you! xo

louise_gillies(at)hotmail dot com

JBlanton said...

I am now a follower of your blog. I love the chocolate with chocolate bow- watch can I say I like brown- goes with most anything. I like your sassy classy defined post.

Ivana said...

I follow via GFC.My favorite color is eggplant for the hat and magenta for the bow :)
I love the Date Night Sassy (Part Three: Outfit) post because I love outfit posts :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hofken said...

1. I am a follower of your blog - Hofken

2. The colors I want my Cloche to be are black hat with sapphire bow.

3. Your past Silly Boys posts have been my favorites (I have two sons) - especially the great Headless Horseman halloween costume.

hofken said...

I follow the Lap of Luxury Blog and also left a comment telling her what item is my favorite

Katie said...

New follower! - ktkatherine

I would LOVE to wear this gorgeous cloche in mustard with an angel white bow.

I love your Date Night Sassy blog post! The prices are great on everything and you look so pretty!

fashionfrugality at

liz said...

Hi there !
I am already follower trough google friend connecter name liz. I would like to merry this gorgeous giveaway !
My faviest item is CHOOSE YOUR OWN COLOR Crochet Cloche Hat with mini-bow, so cute color !
My fav post must be Date Night Sassy because the tips so adorable to be used by me :)

Good luck for me and everyone :)


Jake and Marie said...

Amber, I love your blog!! My favorite posts are your date night outfit posts, but my all time favorite has been your "can't sugar coat it". I'm a sugar fiend, too and was grateful for your honesty. Your sister's website is so much fun!! My favorite is the taupe hat with the white bow. SOOO CUTE!!

Jake and Marie said...

I'm a lap of luxury follower and commented on which was my favorite!!

Kenyn & Jenny Koop said...

I am a new follower! I love Melody's hats they are adorable! she is so talented! I would love to win the hat posted in the picture on this blog but with a bow the same color as the hat. (In eggshell)
Perfect. My favorite post of yours is the date night post.

Cute blog! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

Kenyn & Jenny Koop said...

I am a lap of luxury blog follower and also left a comment!

Thanks again, I hope I win!

Elena said...

I am your follower via GFC /Elena/

I'd love to win black cloche hat with no bow)

queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

Elena said...

Follow the Lap of Luxury Blog /Elena/ and left a comment!

queen-of-pain /AT/ yandex /DOT/ com

Corrina said...

Your brother did a great job.
All of the hats are pretty...and so are the models.

Nichelle said...

I like your accessory tips.

I love the brown beanie with cream bow!

I love your blog!!!!

Check out my giveaway at

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I follow you via GFC under malkatz.

My favorite item is the Crochet Rose Headband.

I would probably do a silver-grey with dusty light pink for the hat.

And I loved your pity party post- it cracked me up, and I could totally relate. :)


Anonymous said...

PS: I follow Lap of Luxury designs under malkatz via GFC.


Teresa Gutierrez-Sanchez said...


You will never believe this but I am an Etsy addict and several months back your sister's beanies were posted on the front page of Etsy (at the time I didn't know this was your sister) anyways I purchased 2 beanies right away because I loved them that much! What a small world...she is your sister?! And just a couple weeks back I ordered the rose head band. WOW! I still can't believe this whole time this has been your sister that I have been purchasing from on Etsy.

Anyways, my favorite post is between the "Princess and the Frog" and "Walmart Finds"! Your novelette is an amazing read, too!

I love your sister's chocolate cake with eggshell white bow cloche and I am now following her too!

Teresa Gutierrez-Sanchez

Becky said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. LOVE IT. I would love that fabulous hat in eggplant.

Thanks for your Date Night Sassy part two....I'm trying that style tomorrow night!

Becky said...

Just "Followed" and commented on Lap of Luxury. Love the headbands! So cute and unique!! Man, I'm glad I found your blog!!

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