Friday, October 22, 2010

I tip my hat…

to my sister Melody, who is totally Sassy Classy.


She and her husband live in L.A., and they frequent all the coolest hot-spots. 


She has two tiny-dogs that she takes for walks at the beach.


Her husband spoils her to front-row tickets to Michael Buble concerts.


She and her husband love to travel to places like New York.


San Francisco.



And, through it all (as you can see in the photos), she has fabulous style. To me, she is my own personal fashion icon, who inspires me to buy fun fashion pieces. 

Especially when I see her looking super-sassy in shots like this…


where she is sporting her Fedora hat.

Remember that fedora hat I bought last week on one of my distracting Target shopping expeditions? Well, this is what convinced me to splurge the 6 bucks and buy it.

So Melody, I tip my *fedora* hat to you!
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Melody's Voice said...

Sista, you are too sweet! Thank you for this tribute. Now, let's see you in your "fun-dora"

Kiera said...

I need some tips from both of you! I have no sense of style...

Heather Lytle said...

What to do when you don't look cute in hats??? Mel looks good in anything!

Jason and Danielle said...

Can I just say I love your blog and follow it. I am holly's sisterinlaw and we always talk about how cute you and melody are. Thank you for your fashion posts. Sometimes us moms need a little bit of inspiration to be cuter:> I am absolutely doing the double bun style tomorrow:>

Holly, Justin, Carter & Kelsie said...

Thank you Amber!!! I love having you as my cousin and think you are amazing! I wish we all lived closer :) and I agree about Melody. She inspires me whenever we see her! Love you guys!

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