Friday, November 26, 2010

Daily Prayer Cards Printable

Last week I made some handouts and tags for myself, sister and husband--we all teach sunday school to different ages of children at our church--and I decided to share them on my blog because I know a lot of my readers are also teaching the same lessons around the world. Well, I got such a great response, I've posted them again. Many of these handouts, tags, and activities are great for any Christian faith lesson.
(these posts will come in a series with the printable name as the title)

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Primary Lesson Activity Handout: (Manual 6, Lesson 42, "Daniel in the Lion's Den.")

This handout goes with the lesson's suggested Enrichment Activity #4. The children can write in their name and then make a list of things they are grateful for to include in their daily prayers; and they can make a list of things they can humbly ask for help in from the Lord in their daily prayers.

{Please note: Below, after you click on the download link on my blog, it will take you to another page and on there click on the box that is blue with a white arrow and says "download now". It will be below the picture.}

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