Friday, November 26, 2010

Christ's Church on the Earth Handout Printable

Last week I made some handouts and tags for myself, sister and husband--we all teach sunday school to different ages of children at our church--and I decided to share them on my blog because I know a lot of my readers are also teaching the same lessons around the world. Well, I got such a great response, I've posted them again. Many of these handouts, tags, and activities are great for any Christian faith lesson.

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Primary Lesson Handout: (Manual 2, Lesson 42, “The Church of Jesus Christ is on the Earth.)

This handout was so fun to make because I wanted to include the entire globe as options for those who may be teaching this lesson around the world. It shows how wonderful and worldwide the gospel stretches. So be sure to download the printable that includes the globe showing your continent!

The idea with this handout is for the children to recognize where on the globe they live and then draw a line from it to connect to a picture they can draw in the free space of them either at church or sharing the gospel to friends.

This will print out 2 handouts onto a full 8 x 10 sheet paper. Print out as many as needed for your class.

Africa Earth
Australia Earth
Print Africa Continent Here                                    Print Australia Continent Here

Europe Earth
Eastern Earth
Print European Continent Here                             Print Eastern Continent Here

I apologize if I did not correctly name the continents…I am terrible at geography.

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Carla Anne said...

this was awesomely prepared, however it was not easy for me to download so I wasn't able to use it. But thank you for all your effort.

Sassy Classy Mommy said...

Carla Anne,
I am so sorry you couldn't download it. Another option is, if you click on the picture on the blog, then click your print preview on your browser, custom enlarge to 190%, then print. It's more complicated but it should work. Just curious...On the download link, did you click on the blue box that said download with a white arrow?

Anonymous said...

I clicked on download and it took me to an ad for Online degrees. I am on Windows Vista which is a bad platform so I think that might be the problem. Anyway, my solution was to open it in the browser copy it and paste in a Word Document. That worked. Thanks for the handouts. They were great for my class.

Laura said...

Thank you for sharing! This was very helpful and the kids will really enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

A blue box with an arrow did not show up when I clicked on the link, but I just cut and pasted to word and enlarged the box and it worked for me. thank you for the idea, my little ones will love

Sharman said...

You might want to call the North American map North AND South America. They are considered two separate continents, and so many church members live in South America that they shouldn't be left out. You could also do a separate South America one. There are 7 continents, but I think we can ignore Antarctica in terms of church membership 😏
Thanks! You rock!

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