Wednesday, November 10, 2010

After a Fashion

Fashion Week may officially be in February, but here at Be Sassy Classy it’s in November. Well, at least, it feels as though it is because it seems like all I’ve written about lately is Fashion and Cookies. Unfortunately the two don’t go hand in hand…wouldn’t that be nice though?
Growing up in Southern California, most the year there wasn’t much in the way of fashion. It was pretty much for me shorts (really short ones…wish I still had those legs), tank tops, and flip-flops. Oh and a ponytail or bun (at least some things never change). 
But come the fall (really more like winter), then things in the way of outfits got more interesting. Like jeans, and sweaters, and maybe a coat if it was 65 degrees out, and a scarf if it got real cold and dropped to 60 degrees! Oooohhh and boots…cannot forget about those, as soon as it was below 70 those boots were on baby!
So, the world may think: “February. Fashion.” but I think: “Fall. Fashion.” 
Just in time to welcome the cooler weather and dusting off my boots, I came across on last week an article titled “30 Days of Amazing Outfits” and I was intrigued. After reading it, I considered to try to copy each outfit from my own closet selection for each day of November, and then blog about it…of course.
Well, we are 10 days into the month and I have yet duplicate one.  However, perchance I were to attempt to try, I will let you know…of course.
Until then, here are all the outfits…
Oh, and if, or when, I do attempt this, I’ll be sure to cut my head off my photo as well. Because really, who needs a head?  Most the time I feel like I am running around without one anyway.
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Kiera said...

Look at you all the way up to 29 followers!!

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Well, your head is probably alot prettier than the head on these girls! All the outfits are so cute!

Melody's Voice said...

All super cute! I want o see you do this :)

Heather Lytle said...

I used to have enough creativity to come up with my own unique outfits, but now I need inspiration from magazines and other sassy-classy moms.

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