Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Date Night Sassy (Part Three: Outfit)


It only takes a couple of items to turn a simple outfit into something interesting.  Here, it was a cardigan and boots.

I had run around that Saturday in the leggings and the long-sleeve t-shirt shown in the photo below (the base of the outfit).

october 138

But that would be boring for dinner out on a date with my handsome hubby.  So I sassed it up with the boots (that’s the magic of boots and why I love them so), and added visual interested with a fun patterned cardigan. The final extra touch was the crocheted flower clip in my hair (which I was complimented on by the hostess that night).

Now this outfit isn’t a show stopper but it’s something different and for a simple, yet sassy-classy mommy like me, it works for making me feel special on date night with my man. 

Each piece in this outfit was bought at separate times. If you find a piece, like a cute patterned cardigan or trendy denim leggings, buy it! You’ll figure out something to wear it with someday. 

Cardigan: (gift from two years ago)
Pink long sleeve shirt: Costco earlier this year $10
Denim leggings: Wal-Mart last week $6
Boots: Old Navy last year $30
Date Night alone with Husband: priceless : )
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Melody's Voice said...

Very cute :) I love boots too, and even though it's been super warm here I still insist on wearing mine.

Kiera said...

You are too cute! I need to go shopping with you so that you can help me find some cute stuff to wear out with my husband!!

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