Thursday, October 28, 2010

Date Night Sassy (Part Two: Hair)

By the time my makeup was all done, my hair was dry and ready to be transformed to…

october 111

Remember, it started out as…

october 012

this. So I wanted to do something way, way happier. Yes my hair has feelings.

october 096

I used my one and a half-inch barrel curling iron and took one inch pieces along the middle part line and curled back.

october 095

I started in the front and worked my way around. Starting at one bang side and ending at the other.  (For my bangs I curled the iron forward). 

october 092

Here you can see the pieces I picked out to curl.  I leave the curls in tact as I go around my head. This give them time to cool and set.

october 094

Once I curled down and around the middle part, I gently loosen the curls.

october 097

Then I see what parts of hair underneath the top curls are visible and curl those about half way up, just to about wear the upper layer of curls end.

october 100

Here it is all barrel curled up and looking much happier.

october 106

For the “sassy” factor that I love to add. I clipped back part of one side of my bangs with this crocheted flower my sister Melody makes and sells (
It was raining that night so I finished my hair off with hair spraying the heck out of it, and keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t poof out too much.
My husband loves it when I do these big curls, and he told me so again that night, so the little extra time it took to do was worth it  : )

Up next…
How to turn the Saturday casual outfit to date night sassy!
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Lap of Luxury said...

Lovely. Thanks for showing off my clip. Upload on of he pics on the Lap of Luxury facebook page.

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