Monday, October 11, 2010

Date Night Fabulous

well…as fabulous a mommy of three boys can get after a Saturday of soccer games, linen laundry, and shopping at Target…oh, and with 30 minutes to get ready.

But, here’s what I pulled off.   

(How presh is my baby wanting to pose with mommy?)

Okay back to business. Like I mentioned in previous posts, since my read of Five to Fabulous, I try—when I really get ready for something—to apply the author’s suggestions.  Date night with my husband was dinner at an open patio grill type restaurant, so I wanted to be casual but still a little flirty (for him).
The lack of time to get ready (Target had lots of cute stuff that I got distracted with), left me with only enough time for a rinse in the shower and no hair washing (oh come on—you’ve been there—at least I showered).

So, I went with the “sexy-messy” top hair bun.

006 (I parted my hair down the middle and pulled it up as if going to put it in a ponytail, but on my last time through, I didn’t pull it all the way.  I tucked some of the ends sticking out down with bobby-pins, and pulled some of the bun part around to hide the band.)

With a simple, casual hairstyle, I chose to use my make-up application to add the flirty/fanciness. So I went dramatic on the eyes with heavy blue eyeliner inside the lower lashes as well as below and along the upper lash line. Basically, completely tracing around the entire eye. Then I used a light silver-blue shadow on the lid with a darker blue very lightly at the corner crease.

(random tidbit…that gash/scar on my eye is from a dog bite when I was an itty-bitty baby)  

I went strong on the blush because I noticed that’s what Heidi Klum did on Project Runway this week, so I figured I’d give it a try (can’t really tell in this picture though). To balance out the dramatic eyes, I didn’t put any lip color on, just a clear lip balm for that soft touch.


To accessorize, I wore this long necklace doubled around my neck. I love that it can go with almost anything.  (Nerdy wannabe confession…I saw the actress Kirsten Bell wearing a necklace like this in her movie When in Rome, and went out and bought this the next day. Cute, clean movie—btw).


The California-girl in me LOVES a cute flip-flop and pretty much wears them ALL THE TIME. So when I find a pair that looks a little fancy, like these, I snatch them up because they are still so comfortable, casual, yet add a little fashionable, style interest.


To bring a little complimenting/contrasting color for visual interest, as I learned in the book to do, I chose this lemon cardigan. So glad I did because it got chilly out on that patio (love cool fall evenings!!)


And to complete it all, like a *cherry* on top, some pretty fragranced lotion lathered all over…cause he just can’t resist ;)


In case you were curious, here’s the make-up I used.

makeup collage
Now, go tell your sweetheart to plan a date for this weekend, and then you can start planning how you’ll be Date Night Fabulous (and look forward to all week like me)!
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Ruthanne said...

I love it! It's so important to take some time on yourself! You look so cute, thanks for all the tips! I miss you!

Heather Lytle said...

It's so fun to get dolled up for a date with the hubby. You look fabulous!

Stacy said...

Sassy and classy!!!

Melody's Voice said...

You look casually fabulous! Your make-up looks pretty :)

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

I like the make up tips. The picture of you is classy and beautifull.

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