Friday, March 19, 2010

Five to Fabulous

My own Sassy Classy Mom told me about a segment she saw on a morning show she was watching yesterday.  It featured beauty and style expert Andy Paige.  She has a book titled, “Style on a Shoestring,” that I was intrigued to find more about, so I googled it! After reading the first chapter online, I ordered the book so I can read more. 

Here are some excerpts from her first chapter:

“Style on a Shoestring is for every woman who wants to look her best, understand how to fit her body, shop with cunning expertise, organize her closet to optimize every garment.”
“Your image reflects your moxie and modern spirit. It tells the world about your creativity, productivity, confidence, and direction. Frustrating but true: how you look tells the world how to treat you, because it indicates how you treat yourself.”

She explains that great style can become a personal skill or talent, but that it does require a bit of effort and study.  I really like how she expresses that, “Femininity is the greatest power we have. In fact, it is the
most powerful thing in the universe, it comes in all shapes and sizes, and best of all, it’s free!”

To start off she gives five tips or tools that we can do right now, or the next time we get dressed in the morning, to give us an instant update and fabulous look.  She explains, “These five tools, if used every day, will…visually elevate what you have on and send a modern message of fashion savvy.”
I thought it would be interesting, as a mommy who was headed for a day at the zoo with the kiddos, to get ready and see how much of my “look” included her five keys to fashion fab.  And, if they really are realistic for a normal, busy mom.

So this is me today:


Let’s see how I did according to Ms. Paige’s Five Keys to Looking Fabulous. (I just want to add that fabulous was not my goal for a day at the zoo, nor my goal for most days, but I would accept “put together”.)

1. You Have to Wear Lipstick Everyday
Already strike one.  If I have lipstick on, my baby would end up with 100 kiss marks all over his chubby cheeks. No one looks good with those tacky lip stains on them.  I opt for at least Lip Balm (I like Nivea brand) everyday, and maybe for an extra shine some not-too-sticky lipgloss. I agree when she says that lipcolor brightens your face and makes you look younger.  If you don’t plan on much kissing (baby or hubby), then roll up the lipstick and apply away.
*I would like to add that wearing mascara everyday is a must for those like me who have naturally light hair and eyelashes. (I’m a natural blonde despite what you’ve seen in my pics lately).
2. Whatever You Have On Must Create Shape Through the Waist
Uh, strike two I guess. I usually always have something on my waist—My Baby!  Seriously though, I get what she’s saying. Looking at my shirt you can see somewhat of a waist shape there and my jeans are the kind that suck in the tummy (as long as I wear a long shirt with them they look good). Part of creating a waist, Paige says, is making sure your chest or “girls” are supported properly and eccentuating the hourglass shape.
* I would say for those of us who have enough going on at our waist, like babies sitting on our hips, and don’t want the extra layer of a belt or cropped jacket, then try to create a visual focus at your neckline. This can be easily be done with a necklace or scarf.  The more distinct it is the better.  This way you have a feminine flare and the eye is drawn away from your not-so-cinched waist. Here I chose to combine two necklaces for visual impact and interest.

3. You Must Wear Cute Shoes
I say I succeeded on this one, although I understand some would think it questionable. I think these are super cute and totally cool, plus my hubby thinks they are sexy on me.


Paige says “a feminine, even playful shoe speaks volumes about your style and puts a spring in your step.” I think this qualifies.
4. Your Handbag Is Your Social Barometer: Choose Wisely
Ok, I say I pass, but I think Ms. Paige would say strike three. She claims,
Today your handbag tells the world who you are, where you are going, and what you need to have when you get there. This single accessory can change the entire mood of your outfit and offers a style boost like none other. Go for a bold color, and skip the black box with straps. A modern bag should celebrate what you like and not especially what you have on. Don’t squander this ripe opportunity to make a big style statement. Push yourself into something bold, and you are sure to seem saucier.”
I have issues with this one. I refuse to spend more then $20 on a purse.  However, I buy almost all my purses at Ross or T.J. Max to get discounted designer brands, and it does take me about an hour to finalize on my decision. I agree handbags should be sassy and classy; but honestly they spend more time on the floor of my minivan or crammed in a grocery cart, so why all the fuss and why spend so much?  This is what I’ve been toting around this winter…

I like it because it’s sorta black, sorta brown…sorry Ms. Paige! (Although, my summer purse is usually colorful)

5. You Must Incorporate Something Unexpected into Your Outfit Every Day

Yea, this I accomplished with my unexpected aqua shirt (I almost didn’t buy it because it is so bold).

According to Ms. Paige “your outfit must include something unexpected, which means you work the juxtaposition of textures, colors, patterns, and the tones of your garments. Building a little intrigue into your outfit is how you start to build style.”


Overall Score: 2 out of 5

Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow.

Probably not.

We’re going to the park.

And I will still have the same purse.

I’ll put on lipgloss and count it as lipstick!

That bumps me from 40% fabulous to 60% (in Ms. Paige’s book).

I say I’m 100% fabulous just being a Mommy who makes some effort.

How would you do?
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Lap of Luxury said...

Those are good tips. I think you look cute in your first picture!

vimmi said...

I am trying to bump up my shoe collection. I would wear the same shoe with everything and take the same hand bag every where. Will try to follow the fab 5.

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