Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smuggling Information

I am a diet collector. Do I use them or even stick to them?…mostly NO. But I have all good intentions.  I’m always in a conundrum of what to eat that is healthy and figure friendly.  I usually just want to eat chocolate and cookies, which are taste-bud friendly…but I’ve already addressed that issue.  So I try to glean whatever helpful suggestions I can from these diets. Usually I don’t like what they list because A) I’m a super picky eater and B) They never let me eat cookies!

Well, I guess I am officially a diet smuggler now because I ripped this page from a magazine at my hairdresser’s salon. (hey—it was an outdated mag, like a few weeks old, who cares, right?) 

While I was under the heater/blower thingy, and after the lady next to me went for her rinse, and no one was looking, I quickly ripped it out, quietly folded it up, and discreetly tucked in my jean’s back pocket.  The risk was worth it because now I can share it all with you! 

And LOOK, they even allow me to eat a chocolate-chip cookie!!

Seriously though, I liked this meal plan mainly for the great breakfast variation ideas, and both savory and SWEET snack ideas. Two of the areas I struggle most with.  This Bethany lady (who I don’t recognize) apparently lost like 30 something pounds after having a baby.

Earlier this year (right before my cruise) I reached my goal of losing 30 pounds from the year before when I had just had my baby.  I did it with a combination of things, but a diet similar to this one above was one of them.  I’ve been thinking of doing a post about losing all that weight, except I’ve been too embarrassed to show the before photo. Maybe I’ll just suck it up and post it.  We’ll see…I may have deleted it.

Anyway, hope this smuggled “meal plan” can give any of you a boost in the right direction to eating better because that’s what a Sassy Classy does :)
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Melody's Voice said...

I love Bethany Frankle! She is a NYC Housewife. She is also a chef--she is sassy-classy!

Anyways, I don't think I have done a diet in like 10 years! But this one does look like a good one :)

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Let me know if it works.

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