Monday, March 1, 2010

Wal-Mart Finds!!

february 007Look what surprisingly pretty treasures I found at Wal-Mart!  I just love them. Totally my style.
february 008And, guess what? They aren’t glass, although they look it. Family friendly :)

february 009 These are almost too pretty to drink out of.  I’m thinking vases maybe.

february 010 This white square bowl IS glass. I could not resist it.  I’m looking for some kind of excuse to use it because it’s just too perfect to sit in my cupboard. Right now it’s just sitting pretty on my counter.  My five-year-old can’t understand why an empty dish is on display.  He thinks there needs to be M&M’s in it or something. 
I may just go back and buy another set of everything. Oh, and the best part.  They were all under $5!
While I was over in the house wares aisle, I moseyed on over to the kitchenware aisle and couldn't resist some more things…and I only got half way down.  I’ll save the other half for another day.  But l really, really needed things these. Honestly. (That’s in case my husband reads this). 
february 011Again, I got all this for barely over $10!

february 012We have an on-going cold-case mystery of the missing spoons in our house.  I blame it on the Spoon Monster. But, why he only wants spoons is the true mystery.  We’ll see how long these last. Good luck little spoons.
february 014I’ve seen that all the great chefs and kitchen aficionados have a fantastic array of glass bowls. I envy them, and not just for the bowls. They have cool knives, immaculately clean kitchens, and magic refrigerators that always have what they need. Oh, and they can cook way, way better then me….without a cookbook!  
february 013 I broke one of these four years ago. I thought now would be a good time to replace it. I suffer from Procrastinationitis.
february 015This here I’ve wanted since I was married.  It’s only been seven years. Why, I don’t know? This was like four bucks—more then the box of Cheez-It’s I also bought.  I had so much fun organizing my spice cabinet.  (Post upcoming)  But, now as I right this, I realize that I put it up the wrong way.  Guess I should have paid attention to the photo sticker before I pulled it off. Sometimes, I am such a blonde.  Yes, that is my true hair color.
Anyway, I’m sure we all agree Wal-Mart isn’t high class.  And, last week I did see someone being hauled out in hand-cuffs (scary).  But, I’m not too much of a snob to admit it does have its benefits, and I’ll still load up my grocery cart….obviously.
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Melody's Voice said...

Gotta LOVE Walmart!

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