Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spicing up the Spice Cabinet

  february 017
Buying a spice rack organizer inspired me to FINALLY organize my spice cabinet.  This is what it looked like before. Not too scary, but not anything to be proud of. So that is step one: Access the mess.
february 020Step Two: Divide and conquer.  I seperated out the expired ones from the ones that were still okay. And then there were the few not dated that I just had to guess on. I was shocked that I had some that I must have bought on my first grocery shopping as a newlywed!!
february 019I remembered that I bought all these extracts to make different flavored fudge. I still need to do that. Lemon fudge? That was probably for something else.
february 021Could this be why I sneeze every time I go in this cabinet? ewwww.
 february 022Step Three: Wipe everything down. My favorite part. Really.
 february 023Step four: Make a list of all the spices that are expired before you toss them, so you can re-stock on your next shopping trip. (I almost forgot this step. Can you imagine how frustrating that would have been? whew.)

february 025
Step five: Stack everything back in. Alphabetical order optional.
Then, enjoy.  I must have opened this cabinet like five times throughout the rest of the day just to admire the view.
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Melody's Voice said...

Nice! Sometimes it is fun to do some organizing. I get like this sometimes...strangely it is sometimes late in the evening when I get caught up in the organizing. Did you do it in alpha. order?

Stacy said...

Very good tips! Looks great!

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