Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Search of The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Saga…well, not really a saga.

Been dealing with a minor setback the last few days. But I think everything is okay now. I hope. It better be. I'm moving forward. And, what better way to make everything better then with Chocolate Chip Cookies!
I’m a life time connoisseur of searching for the best Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe of all time.  I find a better one about every decade.  Seriously.
march 004
Here is my cookbook of many years collection. I’ve been making these delights since I was like eight.  It was my go-to Father’s Day present…since they are Daddy’s favorite. 
march 001
The first recipe was the traditional “Toll House Cookie”, but then I got to college and didn’t like that it called for two eggs. (I was a struggling student, guess I couldn’t spare the extra egg.) 
march 002
So, then I found a random recipe on the back on a no-name brand of chocolate chips that my Grandmother had at her house one day when I was baking with her.  This one called for only one egg, more brown sugar (yum), and an extra teaspoon of vanilla.  I loved the result and stuck with that for years. I like to call it the Lovers Chocolate Chip Cookies because it was the recipe my sweetie and I used to bake cookies together when we shared our second kiss.  It was the whole backing me up against the counter kinda kiss…very sexy, very hot…we may have burned the cookies (blush). Now I’m craving more then cookies. Better get back on topic…
march 003
Then, a few years ago I noticed that on the back of my bag of flour was a chocolate chip cookie recipe that claimed it was “extraordinary”.  Well, as a connoisseur I was intrigued and had to try it.  At first I was reluctant because it called for two eggs again, but I was married now, my husband had a good job, we owned a house, I figured I could spare the extra egg.  Plus, it called for one whole tablespoon of vanilla. I love vanilla!  Well, I was converted and it became my new recipe of choice.
Now, yesterday I bought a “Gold’s Brand” bag of flour and saw this recipe on the back.  Again interested, noticed it was very similar to the Toll House recipe minus the extra egg and less salt. But, do you see something odd? Take a look…
march 003
No vanilla! What is this world coming too? New health care and now no vanilla in chocolate chip cookies?!  I hope it was a misprint, can’t say the same about the other issue. 
Just for kicks, I may try this recipe—vanilla added of course.  I’m curious. Plus, it will give me an excuse to break my “no sugar” rule…for the sake of research. If you’re interested in the results, send on over a comment—I’ll let you know.
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