Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Planted Salsa Theme Garden

garden 002
I think (fingers-crossed) that we had our last frost because I got down and dirty and planted my salsa themed garden.  I put in a few extras.  The cucumbers because they are so easy and we love them at my house. And, yellow bell peppers because my five-year-old loves them grilled.  I planted them around what was supposed to be a forsythia tree that I planted two years ago but grows really weird and doesn’t turn yellow in the fall—who knows?  But, it feels so good to see the completed result. Now, let’s hope it grows. 
Oh, and I had another run in with the frog. I dug up his home burrowed in the dirt. Yeah, lots of fun for me.  I tried to keep my eye on him so he wouldn’t sneak up on me again, but the sly thing he is, he snuck away. I was paranoid for the next two hours.  Eventually I discovered where he went.  But, that deserves it’s own post tomorrow…
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