Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Cup of Tea

tea 002

With all this talk about “Tea Party”, I thought I would share my own with you.  This is my latest nightly ritual—having a cup of tea.  Not only does it warm and soothe the soul, but it’s supposed to help with bloating (just keeping it real). 

This is my very most favorite tea of all time in the whole wide world.

I searched the ends of the earth to find it. I searched Target. I searched WalMart. I searched Albertsons.
And then when I thought there wasn’t another inch of the earth I hadn’t covered, I found it at Tom Thumb.   
Oh yeah, and I could have gone the easy route and ordered it online, but that required paying for shipping—that was my last desperate resort. 

This tea is so good that I don’t need to add anything to it. Just add hot water, let it steep, and then go to your happy place. 

In the summer, I absolutely love this iced with so much sugar it’s practically embarrassing.  My southern belle friend, Stephanie, would call it ‘sweet tea’.  One of my best memories is drinking this iced tea while lounging in a boat on the lake with two of my best gal pals the summer after senior year.  It’s when I first discovered Good Earth tea. 

Try it and let me know what you think.
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Jamie said...

I just noticed that you love scentsy! Me too! I love it so much that I sell it! And I love toasted caramel sugar...have you smelled satin sheets? Love it for the bedroom!

Warner / Debbie Blair said...

Thanks for that. I like relax and drink warm things also. I will get some.

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