Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Photo a day challenge

Photo a day

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There are exactly 26.5 days left of our Summer vacation. And, I am going to document those days via this different, yet fun way. If you aren’t familiar with #photoaday then you probably aren’t familiar with instagram. This is how I explained instagram to my husband. “It’s a photo app that links to its social media platform where you can take pictures of completely random, and usually pointless things like the salad you ate for lunch and then make it look really interesting with an artistic photo filter.” He didn’t get it. But that’s ok. If you DO get it, then jump on the useless creative band wagon.

#Photoaday is a fun, creative, social way to display the simple, random, and unique elements of your life.  Each day has a theme prompt, and you take one photo that represents that prompt in your eyes.  In the words of it’s creator, “it’s all about being creative and just getting involved.”

So I’m doing it, and you should too, because it’s interesting to see everyone else’s  ideas. I will post my photos up on here, but I will also have them on instagram (@amberslittlewonders).

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